Man Completes Half Marathon At 36,000-Feet On Empty Plane, Raises Money For Cancer Support

If one is dedicated to a cause, no obstacle can stop us from working towards it. This man, Henry Kehr, has proved this right and how! He knew how the current pandemic situation has impacted the charities who were dependent on some events to raise money. Social distancing doesn’t allow such events to take place now and so, he came up with an incredible plan to help a charity that he wished to support.

A marathon has taken up a wider space as it’s not just limited to the ground now. People are running while being almost 36,000 feet above the ground and the reason is truly inspiring!

Henry Kehr, 25, who is a cabin crew member completed a half marathon by running 13 miles at 36,000 feet above the ground. His motivation was his mother who passed away due to breast cancer in 2018.

He knows the pain of losing someone with cancer. So, he wants to do his bit to support the charities who help people battling cancer.

Henry, from East London Docklands, was on an eight-hour cargo flight from Atlanta to London Heathrow when he decided to run this half marathon.

He had been noticing a gradual decline in the funds for various charities due to the events being canceled considering the present scenario. COVID-19 has created various challenges for such organizations but people like Henry won’t let them suffer!

This determined member of the cabin crew completed the run in 2 hours and 37 minutes. His efforts paid off and he raised more than £1,000 ($1,300). He did all of it for his mom and felt her presence with him as he fought the turbulence and finished the feat.

“My incredible inspirational mum passed away two years ago after being diagnosed with breast cancer, and it changed my life forever,” he shared.

“She had been a cabin crew member years before I was born and by undertaking this challenge, and while the run was hard due to the cabin pressure and turbulence, when I was up in the sky, I felt she was with me every step of the way.”

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*UPDATE* Due to health and safety limitations of being up in the sky I have been advised that a half marathon is the maximum distance I'm allowed to complete due to being up in the air and the safety of everyone on board. Something a bit crazy and positive to take our mind off these difficult times! This year has been hugely difficult for everyone, especially those in the aviation industry, the impact of COVID has been devastating in many ways. It has had a huge knock on effect on the support of many incredible charities with a lack of fundraising events so I thought I would try and raise some money for a few charities close to me. My incredible inspirational Mum passed away 2 years ago from cancer which changed my life forever. She was cabin crew years before bringing me into the world and by undertaking this challenge I will be flying high with her every step of the way. A few of my amazing colleagues have inspired me to partake in this insane challenge. My passion for health, wellbeing and fitness has been a huge part of my life and now it is more important than ever. I have run many different races in the past including marathons but nothing quite as crazy as this. Out of pure gratitude for what our mind and body can achieve with strength and determination I am challenging myself to complete an ultra marathon in a cabin pressurised to around 6000 feet on an aircraft for an 11 hour flight. From take off out of Beijing to landing back into London Heathrow. Moving non stop on a mountain for 11 hours how hard can it be right? Il be doing this on the 13th July dedicating it to my amazing Mum, my fabulous colleagues and everyone who has been affected by this COVID crisis! All donations will be much appreciated (LINK IN BIO), so much love to everyone, I can't thank you enough for your support! Hope to see you on a flight very soon x @virginatlantic @virginholidays @macmillancancer #WEcharity #macmillancancersupport #ultramarathon #challenge #flying #wings #beijing #london #virginatlantic #virginholidays

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Henry made a generous donation to Macmillan that is focused on helping the ones diagnosed with cancer.

“With a lack of fundraising events, I thought I would try and think of a different, socially-distanced way to raise some money for a few charities close to me, including Macmillan. I have run many different races in the past including marathons but nothing quite as crazy as this,” Henry revealed.

He has proved that there is always a ray of sunshine when everything seems dark. All you have to do is catch that light and move ahead.

Emma Stokes-Heley, Macmillan Area Fundraising Manager for London shared her view on this. She said, “Demand for our cancer support services is greater than ever, but, due to coronavirus, we are facing a significant drop in our income. That’s why we’re so grateful for the incredible efforts of fundraisers like Henry, helping us do all we can to be there for people with cancer now and in the future.

“We are doing everything we can to help address the immediate and unique challenges that having cancer during this pandemic brings but we need everyone’s support, and while not everyone can take on a challenge like Henry’s, hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning is another perfect way to show support.”

“Donations are vital to enable us to continue to be there for people living with cancer.”