Man Creates A Mini House For $150 That Can Be Towed With His Bike

There can be huge homes and small ones too. But a man dared to create a mini - nomadic house, costing him only 150 dollars. This tiny creation is not a trailer but is something that has been taken to another level. This house is a very tiny structure and it can be dragged around by a bicycle.

Paul Elkin, an inventor and a self-taught designer had built a mini house. He used to work at Boeing, but now invests time in creating tiny things like pedal-power vehicles, micro boats and tepees. He calls his micro mobile home ‘Nomad Bicycle Camper’. The mini house is so light in weight that it can be carried with the help of a bicycle that has 22 inch big wheels. This creation has all the facilities that includes a small bed, a condense kitchen with a one element stove and a sink. Not only this but the mini house also has some drawers and shelves for storage purpose. He built this house for only 150 dollars.

Elkin has even provided a 61 page tutorial for 21 dollars so that people can make this mini house themselves. His website also has various other plans for DIY boats, a tepee, a dog house and a cycle kart. Elkin’s website has well explained tutorials with pictures, drawings and written instructions. You can follow the instructions given in the tutorial in order to make your own mini house. You would also require a few things like a drill, a conduit blender and some basic hand tools.

Even filmmaker Kirsten Dirksen visited Paul Elkin’s Washington house so that he could interview Elkin for the website, ‘Tiny House Design’. Dirksen feels that Elkin’s work is inspiring because he has a capability to minimize things to a greater extent. He also feels Elkin can make such extraordinary creations because his thought process is something out of the box. He thinks that Elkin has a capacity to make things very efficient and portable. You can have a glimpse of Elkin’s costless Nomad Bicycle Camper by checking out the virtual tour at Dirksen’s YouTube channel.

This tiny house is an example of an extremely simple and elementary lifestyle. It can be called as a shade on wheels or a nomadic house. Elkin has created many such things that include transportation structures. His creations are light in weight, weather proof, convenient and moveable. He manages to involve everything that is essential for human beings. His creations are always exceptional and peculiar. His perspective has been different and he thinks divergently. He still aspires to work hard and create unimaginable things.