Man Found Usual Wooden Box In The Dumpster With Unusual Contents

TrampStopDan, a Reddit user found an ordinary wooden box in a dumpster. Like any other wooden box, it had hinges, a handle, a pair of locks and every other thing one would find on a wooden box. But when he opened the box, everything changed. Dan could not believe his eyes. There were stacks of paper dated between the 1960s and 1980s, which had all sorts of crazy things on them.

The paper had diary entries on them about flying saucers visits, drawings of biblical creatures, a whole lot of writings which can be concluded as some research work. The things started getting weird and crazy after that, he finally examined the box clearly and found out that the box was coined as “The Box of Crazy.” He not only found drawings of biblical creatures but of UFOs as well in it.


Well, the drawings do not stop at UFOs, the box contained drawings and sketches of creatures with wings, blended divines, four-headed entities from the biblical book of Ezekiel. Apart from that, there were drawings of structures of trains wheels which were non-patented, hand-drawn maps dated from the late 1930s. The train drawings were marked with a pinhole in the center. The drawings were not rough designs but were detailed with a lot of markings.

All the drawings were beautiful which could leave anyone awestruck, the diary entries were made by a person with an exceptional talent of writing. One could make out the efforts, time and hard work the person might have put in it to make everything. Sure it looks like some kind of a research project a person was doing until something happened, and the box ended up where it was today.


The big question is why all this stuff is in the dumpster? Is the person behind all this is an artist or a crackpot trying to prove something that is not there? Or is it from some other dimension? Since TramStopDan posted the content of the box with the box on Reddit, his account has been blowing up with questions from all over the world. People reading about it are trying to get some light on the topic.

Maybe TramStopDan should read all the diary entries and do some research of his own to get some answers. An alternative would be to answer the questions of all the people on Reddit and put their minds at rest.