Man Has Made A Fortune Building IKEA Furniture For Other People

Waz Mahmood shared his story with everyone of how he lost his job because of the pandemic and just started to build furniture as a hobby and turned it into a golden opportunity by continuing to do what he loved the lost, building. It all started with IKEA, a staple in so many homes but comes with one trouble, having to build it on your own. It is very cheap, affordable and comes with so many other great advantages. Its style varies for everyone, having everyone to build their dream structures. One just has to do it on their own.

Survey has said that 90% of the do-it-yourself or DIY projects by millennials end in a disaster. Waz saw the opportunity and took it and did exceptionally great with his projects. This 31-year-old man used to work as a manager at a construction site and had great skills with building that helped him on so many levels for starting his own business of building the furniture for people. He first started getting paid to assemble the IKEA items in 2018. Since then, he has gone through a long phase and now has even drove around 160 miles to build a wardrobe.

During the furlough period in September, 2020 when Waz was made to leave his job, he started getting a few jobs from the app, Airtasker because he really loved the challenge to build something himself. Since then, he has gotten another job as a permanent source, but he continues to build furniture for people as a side hobby. He likes building furniture so much so that he has even admitted to let his work interrupt his dates with his wife, Nuhi. He has said before that he may continue with his work than being on his date, his wife supports him nonetheless and knows how important it is for him.

It all started for Waz, when he signed up for the Airtasker app in 2018 as a source of income for him because he wanted to go on a holiday to Ibiza with his friends and wanted to spend and enjoy very much on his holiday. While searching about these projects he found out how much of help people needed in this department. While around 16% of the people aged between 20-37 had their fingers hurt because of hammers and 12% of those who electrocuted themselves with these projects, his demand rose.

To say less, he earned enough to spend lavishly for his holiday and now has managed to do even well with just building stuff for people who were in the dire need of it. Not only does he get to do something he enjoys immensely, has even managed to earn quite a lot with it. That is the definition of success right there.