Man Hid Behind Bushes And Scared His Girlfriend To Teach Her A Lesson

A very worried boyfriend was concerned over her girlfriend’s habit of walking alone at night, thus pressing her not to do the same. Increasingly worried about her safety, he took upon himself to teach her not to walk alone. He devised a well- elaborated plan but, well, the plan went terrible to say the least.

If you’re a F.R.I.E.N.D.S freak, you must probably remember the episode where Ross wanted to teach Rachel and phoebe ‘Unagi’, a state of awareness to overcome imminent danger (or was it fresh water eel?). And in order to teach them, he would jump on them at random times, right? Well, this case is no different and like that didn’t go well, this boyfriend here met the similar fate too.

Concerned over her girlfriend’s habit of walking to home alone at night after work, one boyfriend wanted to show how dangerous it is. Taking his situation to Reddit, the boyfriend explained, “She has this issue where she refuses to get a bus or taxi from the nearest train station to save money, even though they are readily available and both me and her father have offered to pay for her to get these options. I personally am not happy that she walks home in the dark (seems unsafe and causes her stress) but she refuses when offered help and she will not tell me where she is if I tell her I’m coming to get her”.

This regular pattern had made him increasingly worried for her safety. She would call her every night while walking alone and would say things like “something is scaring her” or she heard some rustling in the bushes.

“When I tell her that I will come and get her/transfer her money to get transport, she says it’s not a big deal and she’ll be fine. It really gets in the way of my routine that she will not get transport while insisting on walking home and panicking, as her walk home lasts one hour.”

So when this situation kept on recurring, the man decided to teach her a lesson about how dangerous a situation can be if she keeps on walking alone at night. If you’ve seen F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you’re about to experience a major déjà vu.

So the other day, when she was near her home, his boyfriend hid behind the corner of the street. As soon as she came around, he pounced on her. Needless to say, she got really scared and dropped her phone. However, his well-intentioned plan didn’t go as planned as he imagined it to be.

As per him when she realized it was him she got super pissed off. He told her he was trying to make her see what could happen if she doesn’t get transport home, and she was still really angry. Everyone she has told thinks that he is wrong but he really thinks she needed a reality check.

While his plan was well-intentioned and he was concerned about her, his execution might be a bit of a disaster. So many netizens came forward to show him the bigger picture and how faulty his plan was!

One said, “Like, as women it is one of our worst nightmares to be somewhere alone in the dark and be grabbed, kidnapped, or assaulted by a stranger, which is exactly what his girlfriend thought was happening when he jumped at her”.