Man Hires Private Investigator To Check On Babysitter But It Goes Wrong

A couple’s decision to hire a private investigator to enquire about their babysitter fumed a strong debate online. They were suspicious about the nanny’s identity. Hence, they decided to go for an investigation to ensure the safety of their children.

One of the parents took the matter to Reddit and went on explaining the weird situation they were trapped into. They used to be quite busy at some occasions and their schedules overlapped. Thus, they were left with no other option but to leave the house together. Therefore, they hired a nanny who was in her late 20s to come to their house on such days, in order to take care of their children. One of them was three-year-old and other was one-year-old.

She was watching the kids between 10-20 hours a week. According to them, she was doing her job quite well. However, one day the dad went to pay her for the work. She was unable to take the money herself as she was busy bathing the children. So, she asked him to put the money in her purse. The dad followed her instructions and did exactly the same.

While placing the money in the right place, he could not help noticing something strange about the ID in her wallet. The ID was visible from the transparent front pocket. He was shocked to see a completely different name on the ID. Though, the picture in the ID was hers, the change in the name was suspicious. According to the parents, the nanny was great at her work and was taking care of the little ones in a good way.

AITA for hiring a private investigator to check into our nanny? from AmItheAsshole

They did not want to hire her at once but they were also worried about her intentions behind using a fake ID at the same time. They considered it as an important issue as their children’s safety might be at risk. Both of the parents came to a conclusion that they should hire a private investigator to look into the matter. They knew that it was only the detective who could reveal the thing, the nanny was hiding.

Nonetheless, the investigator informed the parents that she had the ID to circumvent a bureaucratic rule about student living arrangements for the graduate school at her university. The family was relieved as they did not think it was a big deal and dropped the plan of firing her. However, the toddler overheard their conversation and tipped off the nanny. As a consequence, the nanny became upset about the fact of the couple undertaking a private investigation on her.

She said it was none of their business and also this was a violation of her privacy. Not only this, she was considering on quitting the job. The parents felt awful at their decision. The father went on taking the matter online, asking people about their opinions on hiring the investigator. He justified their act by saying that he wanted to discover the truth for the sake of their children’s safety.

Some parents respected their decision for protecting the children, while the critics considered it as a major invasion of privacy. Many of the users claimed that it was their right to know the truth about the nanny as she watched their kids. However, the others called it a 100% violation of privacy.