Man Learning To Play Trumpet During Lockdown Received Messages From Neighbors

It is quite obvious that no one would want a rackety person living next to their house at the best of times, but especially not when you are supposed to be at home 24/7. But the truth is that many of us have stories to share about bad neighbors.

One trumpet-playing man actually got a rather kind response from his neighbors after he began learning how to play the instrument. He knew that he might disturb his neighbors during the process of learning, so he put up a note apologizing for any noise. This gesture of him got him some lovely messages in return. In the note, he wrote that he was sorry for the trumpet and it was going to be rough for a while.

One of them neighbor wrote that he had been listening to him playing for a month and he loved it. Others thanked him for his saxophone playing. It was not clear whether the man is a musical genius or the neighbors got confused. One replied that his saxophone playing brought them happiness.

The man was delighted with such a good response and expressed that he worried that he might annoy some people. It meant the world to him that they enjoyed it.

There was an unnamed person from New York who uploaded a sweet note of someone playing on Reddit. To that one replied that it reminded him of his neighbor. He picked up some kind of brass instrument during COVID and it was amazing to hear him improving day by day. Back in the march, he for the most part just played scales. By summer he could play some basic songs, nothing super appreciable but one can say that he was improving.

He continued saying that he left for a while but when he came back in December, he heard him playing complicated songs like My Heart Will Go On and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Almost everyone appreciated him for his talent and expected to hear some Mozart and Beethoven by the summer. One said that these silver linings made all the difference at this moment in time.