Man Mad At Girlfriend For Lifting More Weight Than Him

You must have heard a lot of stories about couples going through a hard time and even breaking up especially since the lockdown began. We all get it how hard it becomes to manage romantic relationships in such situations. This couple took it to another level. They had a weightlifting competition.

The story of a couple you are going to read about, broke all records of ‘just arguing’ and took it to a totally another level by getting into a weightlifting competition and ladies you should be proud to read this – the girlfriend won.Yeah, it is not like the usual couple fights.

She shared the entire story on Reddit, explaining how one thing led to another and ended up in chaos. This highly uncommon yet interesting story began its first chapter in January when our power-puff lady, 30 years old met this guy, 28 years old. February, they committed to each other and March, they decided to move in for the time of the pandemic.

Their morning routine usually had the boyfriend reading out Reddit highlights to his girlfriend. A few weeks ago, he showed her post where a guy challenged his girlfriend for arm wrestling and his girlfriend won. To this, our protagonist girlfriend replied that he (Reddit guy) might have a surprise. After her comment, her boyfriend started educating her about the male and female anatomies and how males are biologically stronger than females.

The girlfriend replied by explaining to him that there are many factors to consider before making such a broad statement. She gave him the example of their own, she had been doing weightlifting for the past 2 years while her boyfriend hadn’t even stepped into the gym ever. He got defensive and put an end to the conversation by just saying, “that’s cute”.

The other day his girlfriend heard him talking to his friend where he said that he can never be as weak as a girl. That was the point where our OG gf decided to teach him a little lesson. She asked him if he wanted to come workout with her the next day and show her his strength. They went over to a friend’s house the next day (following social distancing). She offered to do deadlifts as they are her favorite exercise. They started light and slowly worked their way up, her boyfriend who had not have much experience before couldn’t go ahead 185, while the weightlifter girlfriend ended up beating her personal best at 265.

All three of them initially seemed to be proud of her and were happy. On their way back to their place, the boyfriend seemed quiet, the girlfriend thought that he might be tired. Little did she knew what was going on in his manly brain. He started yelling at her the moment they reached home, saying that she embarrassed him in front of her friend and humiliated him. Crossing all the limits of his anger he even yelled that now this incident changed the way he looked at her and that she is now less of a woman for him.

Her Reddit post ended in a question asking her followers, whether she was wrong the whole time in this situation? Expectedly, the Reddit guys agreed that she did absolutely nothing wrong here and that her boyfriend is one fragile child of a man.