Man On A Mobility Scooter Declined Service At McDonald’s Drive-Thru

While we are fighting for an equal world for all, some instances take us back and leave us wondering if things will ever be better anytime soon. When a disabled man entered the McDonald's drive-thru on his mobility scooter, he was denied any service due to his vehicle. This disappointing matter was brought to light after this enraged customer shared the experience.

Mark Waite, from Gosport, Hampshire experienced something beyond his imagination when he went out to grab a bite early one morning.

This 50-year-old man suffers from lupus and osteoporosis. His health led to a few sleepless nights. So, during the wee hours of one morning, he decided to step outside and have a meal.

Mr. Waite owns a class 3 mobility scooter that takes him around the city and helps him run errands. His vehicle is registered to the DVLA but something strange happened that morning.

He drove to the McDonalds to have an appetizing meal that included their new Saver Menu burger. Since the restaurant was closed, he headed to the drive-thru window to place his order. But the staff rebuffed his order telling him that they can’t serve people on scooters.

“I was having a hard time sleeping so I went down to the docks and thought I would get some food on the way back. There was one car in front of me, and I let them do their thing, and there wasn’t a car behind me,” Mr. Waite recalled his experience.

“It registered on their sensor that I was in a vehicle – but then I was told they don’t serve mobility scooters. I explained to the gentleman at the window that my scooter is a DVLA registered vehicle but I was told, ‘sorry sir, it’s a mobility scooter, we don’t serve them’.”

He could have never predicted to hear something so harsh from those employees. “I cannot drive because of the pain medication I am on – I need liquid morphine. No disabled person should have to feel like their disability is their fault. It has put me off visiting that branch,” this 50-year-old explained.

“It made me feel ashamed that I’m disabled and the way I was treated, I feel like I was being discriminated. There are many different styles of mobility scooter. This one’s a class 3, DVLA approved, it can be driven on the road, it’s insured and taxed.”

He tried to convince the staff by stating the facts about his road-worthy mobility scooter.  He reminded them that it is a valid one under McDonald’s policy. McDonald’s website states, “drive-through lanes are custom built for motor cars, vans, trucks and road-worthy mobility scooters.”

“Once I explained to them that it’s a class 3, they should have accepted that and taken the order and let me be on my way,” he added.

This infuriating incident reached many people and McDonalds finally spoke about it and apologized to Mr. Waite for all that he had to go through that morning. They admitted that the staff was not aware that he had a valid vehicle.

“We’d like to apologise to the customer in question. We have reminded the team of the procedure to ensure this does not happen again. Staff have now apologised to this customer directly,” a spokesperson said.