Man Paralyzed In A Snowboarding Accident Turned Into A Wheelchair Skater

Long before the accident took place, Tony showed his interest in skating. He considered it his favorite thing to do in his free time. His passion for skating made him decide not to abandon the sport even after his injury. It has been more than two years since Tony opted for wheelchair skating. He was a funded athlete in the sport and had the training three to four times a week.

Tony was brave enough to talk about his accident in an interview. He told that he was snowboarding with some friends. He took off a jump clumsily and landed on his back. All of a sudden he was not able to feel below the waist. He knew that something was not right and he was in a great deal of pain. He was a beginner in snowboarding during the time of his accident and was just building up his interest in the sport.

He was admitted for 40 days in the hospital, 30 of which consisted of therapy. The therapy was to help the present 25-year-old to adapt to the rest of his life being in a wheelchair.

Tony engaged himself in wheelchair skating just a year after his life altering accident. He was inspired seeing other people doing it. He told that he saw videos of people skating on a wheelchair which motivated him to bring out the best in him.

Tony used WCMX (wheelchair motocross) chair, which he got specially improvised and strengthened to deal with its rough use while he practiced. This exception chair was put up by Colours in Corona, California, and possessed suspension and special casters that fit skateboard wheels.

He further told that he taught at the skate park three- four times a week, but it’s more than just skating. He made us of other days by taking care of himself. He did some type of body conditioning such as weight training or cardio. Whenever he was at the skate park, people used to stop and stare in surprise of what they are watching. It made him a bit anxious but now he has made peace with the fact that what he was doing something pretty crazy and so they have a right to do so.

According to him it is natural to get hurt while skating. It is a part of the process. In his chair he has broken his wrist, his finger and also blew apart his fingertip and had to get it stitched back together.

Since he took up for a unique sport, Tony has taken part in a few competitions. To date he has won silver in North American Championship and 2nd in the USA National Championship of Skateboarding. He said that he has just begun. He loved his life and would not change a thing about it. Even after this horrifying tragedy, he has been positive and has had some great opportunities ahead of him.