Man Realizes His School Photograph Has Been A Viral Meme For Years

He was astonished when he saw the eight-year-old picture of himself getting viral on the internet for quite some time. Comparing a familiar picture of himself to the one he saw on ‘teenagestepdad’ Instagram account, he found out he has been known as ‘Grayson’ in the meme world since around 2017.

Adrian shared, “I first stumbled into Grayson on IG. Scrolling through stories, I see my picture pop up. It’s a truly bizarre experience to bump into a disconnected version of you out there in the wild. Even weirder when it leads down a meme rabbit hole.”

Adrian let out the information on Twitter regarding his age-old picture. He recalled that he had shared the picture turned meme to a Tumblr blog named “We Have Lasers!!!!!!!!” back in 2008, apart from that this image could be only found on his grandmother’s backdoor.

Telling about the story behind the photograph, Adrian expressed it was a successful moment when the picture was clicked as he somehow was able to get a t-shirt which complemented the background wall, though he spent $2 to get the desired t-shirt. He also revealed that the grin on his face was because of the deep-contentment he felt.

After realizing the fact about himself, Adrian said, “I could get mad about it and tell him to take it down and ‘give me all your profits’ and just be upset about it or I can just own up the truth which I did.”

On making this discovery Adrian decided to share his truth on Twitter where he shared the picture turned meme with a caption saying ‘Here’s a 2020 thing I just learned about myself.’ Adrian feels the internet is a vast and weird place where anything is possible.

One of the many memes had Grayson turned into a Chia Pet, yet another one said, “Like this image of Grayson to revoke his computer privileges”- there are even products on offer with his face on it.

Adrian had an optimistic attitude towards all that he found out about himself as he refused the initiator to take off the Grayson identity and further told him to go on utilizing his eight-year-old picture turned meme. Adrian shared he is content with all the memes on him going viral.