Man Roasted For Testing His Future Date’s Beauty Using A Website

The man, who was known as Freddie, wanted to be hundred percent sure of the girl he was going to ask for a date. He was in talking terms with a girl on a dating app. Before going on to ask her for going on a date with him, he decided to test how pretty and attractive she was. So he told the girl that he will be using some of her pictures on an app that tests beauty on a scale of 100and gives a score for the same.

The girl was named as Katie Coe. After knowing about it, she was shocked. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she was told about the same. She was awestruck that he actually used the site to test her attractiveness. She found this quite weird. She had never heard of something like that. She decided to share the incident on a social messaging service app where users reacted and shared their thoughts on her post. She posted the screenshots of the conversation she had with Freddie on the dating app.


Initially everything was going on well. But after this shockingly strange episode, things became problematic. Explaining it further, Freddie shared the score with Katie which said that she was quite decent! The score was determined on the basis of a number of factors among which one was the fact that the algorithm doesn’t fit all ethnicities. Along with revealing a decent score for Katie, the app even discovered that she was having a big forehead. Being straightforward as he was, Katie asked him why he was doing this and even sharing it with her!

Freddie replied to her message saying that he used to do this for every girl before asking them to go on a date with him. He did this just to be clear about his decision and to check if she was scientifically good looking or not. After listening to all his replies, Katie decided to unmatch him from the dating app and she deleted his number. The post on social media by Katie went viral. People found it to be an act of negging. They criticized his behavior.


The post was shared with thousands of people, got more than 1,50,000 likes and about 2,000 comments. One person said that she tested her pug dog, whom she finds to be absolutely perfect, on that app. Even after finding the dog flawless, the score was 47 percent. She negated the app saying it to be a trash website. Another IT professional claimed that after having over 30 years’ experience in AI programming, he can scientifically say that the app was a place of garbage.

Katie didn’t take the insult of having a big forehead quite seriously. She took it as a joke and let it go. Sarcastically she remarked that she would now officially put her bio as ‘scientifically seem alright’!