Man Travels 4000 Miles For His Car’s Safety Rights

A man travelled from Canada to Germany to the Mercedes Headquarters to complain about his car’s safety. He bought a car worth $155,000 (£121,403) that was known to be the safest car. A year later he found an abrupt locking of steering wheel while he was driving with his wife. After no satisfactory response from anywhere, he had to fly to the headquarters to lodge a complaint.

Guifang Huo and her husband Da Tong Yang who hail from Canada brought a Mercedes S550 model sedan worth $155,000 (£121,403) in 2017. The car was known to be the safest vehicle back then. The problem arose a year later. They were driving along West 41st Avenue in Vancouver when the steering wheel got locked abruptly while driving. They got really concerned about the safety of their family. They were really terrified that a car so costly and with claims to be the safest would turn out insecure for them.

The following day after the incident, they took the sedan to nearby Richmond Mercedes-Benz Service Centre. The car was repaired. On asking about what the actual problem that caused such a failure, the engineers at the service station said it was an ‘internal electrical issue in the power steering rack and pinion gear’. Since the issue did not seem very common and looked like manufacturing defect, Mrs. Huo refused to accept the car. She asked for replacement or refund for such a fatal defect in their sedan.

The refund or replacement was not agreed by the company. So a year later in 2019, the couple filed a lawsuit accusing Mercedes of financial, emotional and mental damage. They were really pissed off at the fact that such a reputed company could make such a mistake and then be ignorant towards rectifying it. The case moved from court to court but the story did not end. No good conclusion or verdict was given.

Guifang Huo was really disturbed by the slow movement of their case and the treatment they were given. In January, he flew from his home in Richmond to Mercedes office in Stuttgart. His main motive of travelling so far was to get justice on every ground that they had suffered. He wanted to inform and complain about the case status to the firm directly.When he reached the firms office, he was given an office tour and rather than a strong step, he received an email after few days informing that the company would look into the matter.

The car still remains in their garage. The couple is really worried about their family’s safety and claim the high valued car to be unreliable and unsafe for them and for everyone and that the firm ‘breached its warranty of fitness’.The documents in the court still ask the firm if the defect was repaired or not and whether the fatal defect may reoccur or not. The couple demands financial compensation for the same.

Mercedes- Benz denies warranty being breached and causing any personal damage. They sent another email to the couple claiming that they repaired the fault and have already informed them about the same.