Man Turned Himself Into A Human Bench For A 79-Year-Old Woman

Cesar Larios , a 23-year-old student who had been working for HUNKS (Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable Students) has already won hearts of many after putting up a sweet gesture to help a 79-year-old woman named Rita Young, with whom he had got stuck in a building’s elevator during his usual rides. Claustrophobia had already made Rita’s long wait highly uncomfortable and tiring during the stressful ordeal. Perhaps there was no solution for her discomfort but Cesar managed to work out for the tiresome wait.

Well for her age, standing for such a long period was doing no good, even with a walker and being aware of the fact about the rescue time being completely unknown, looking at the walls of the elevator was just intensifying her anxiety. So, in order to make sure she was all right, Cesar bent down and composed himself to form a chair, on which Rita could possibly sit on, meanwhile the elevator was getting fixed. His consideration and thoughtfulness for accommodating and finding out all the possibilities to make her sit in that enclosed area was exceedingly admirable and appreciable.

Another part for which he deserved all the love was his initiative to come forward, without being told so and helping her out for which she was tremendously grateful. Perhaps the satisfaction she would have got on receiving the comfort in an elevator would have been all the rightful dose for him to maintain all his strength in his not so comfortable position. It was the perfect human bench anyone could have ever asked for. However, it was after 30minutes that both of them were liberated from that confined space.

Aforementioned that Cesar had been working with HUNKS, so when he dropped this news to his head, he was immensely ecstatic for the sacrifice Cesar had made and for the rightful impact it would furtherer create on others, literally and emotionally. ‘It was an example of an old-fashioned service along with helping the neighborhood’, the Co-founder of HUNKS exclaimed. Anyhow kudos to Cesar for setting an example for many people out there who might have just let things go instead of finding the ample possibilities of helping people anywhere and everywhere.

People like him are what this world wants who are always willing to give away everything just to bring a smile on someone’s beautiful face. Last but not the least, hopefully now people would know how to treat elderly people, be it in an elevator or anywhere else because if Cesar could go to this extent to help just in an elevator for awhile, think of what else could be done outside it.