Man Walks Out Of The Gender Reveal After Knowing That He Is Having A Baby Girl

Before the baby enters this world, there’s a big celebration for the gender reveal that most of the parents organize to create some memories. But what if the dad walks out of the celebration after knowing that he would be “outnumbered”. That actually happened and people were quick to tell this dad all that’s wrong with his actions.

We all associate bliss with the birth of a baby. The parents are over the moon as they hold their little ones. The gender reveal party is just an excuse to capture some beautiful moments before they welcome the baby.

A girl or a boy, every kid is a gift for the parents that carries happiness. But someone seemed to have a different opinion here.

This man shared his story on Reddit. He explained that he was ready to welcome a second baby with his wife. He wrote that they had a 5-year-old daughter already.

“She’s been grouchy her whole pregnancy so her sister offered to plan her a gender reveal party. The plan was that all the food and decorations would be blue or pink and in the end we’d get one of those special sparklers that would light up in either blue or pink to reveal the gender,” he wrote.

The event led to excitement for the couple initially but things took a turn after the big reveal.

He explained in the post that the doctor wrote the gender of their baby on a piece of paper. They gave that slip to his wife’s sister. “So flash forward to the day of the party and the moment of truth comes and the sparkler turns out to be pink for a girl,” he expressed.

It wasn’t the greatest moment for this man as he wanted baby number 2 to be a boy. That’s what he revealed in his post. “To be honest, all I was hoping for for baby #2 is to be able to toss a ball around with him and coach little league. Or watch him go on Boy Scouts camping trips,” this dad stated.

“I grew up in a house with three older boys and one younger sister and I can’t imagine seeing myself be outnumbered.”

His expressions at the party after watching pink take over the venue said it all. His wife was no stranger to his reaction. She held him tight to tell him that he needs to wipe that disappointed look from his face. The guests wanted to congratulate the couple but the man seemed to be in no mood to fake a smile and thank them.

“At that moment I just snapped. I shook my head and walked out to my car (we came separately) and drove to my sister’s house,” he admitted.

He received texts from his wife and sister-in-law who told him that he just acted like their dad who left their mom when they were young. “I felt like that accusation was unfair and that I just needed some time alone.”

He asked the people on Reddit if he is the bad guy here. Obviously, people flooded the comment section by telling him that he was!

“No one is stopping you from tossing a ball with your daughter, or from camping with them, or encouraging them to participate in sports. You are the one stopping them from this,” one user wrote.

Another reader criticized the man’s actions by saying, “The neuroticism part really got me. Like 5-year-old boys are famous for being stoic and calm at all times, bastions of emotional control they are. All kids of every gender are feelings-tornados. Plus big manly OP is the one storming off like a toddler. All the women kept it together.”