Man Who Claims Accident Left Him Scared Of Heights Is Exposed On A Waterslide

Ben Bardsley, allegedly submitted that he has encountered with a personal injury after a digger forced him into a pond being built in his garden. He claimed all this against Warrington Koi and Aquatics in 2015. The 38 years old also reported his inability to be able to lift weights at the gym and having developed vertigo (fear of heights). Thanks to social media, where a video of him was seen where he was found to be gliding down a 1080ft slide in Spain. This video was also captioned as “nonsense”.

The man revealed his dishonesty and exposed his false claims when he finally ended up posting a video of himself jetting inside the Verti-Go waterslide in Benidorm, Spain to his Facebook. It was found that before jumping in, he left a comment where he said that there was no queue for obvious reasons.

A court hearing was heard by Manchester Country Court on January 23. The recorder namely Richard Hartley QC said that someone having fear of heights had the courage to ride the slide with so much glee, is “nonsense.” He also claimed the 38 years old man to be guilty of “fundamental dishonesty in respect of his claim.”

Ironically, Bardsley also mentioned that it was not just his sliding antics that dropped the gym owner in hot water, it not only left him with a fear of heights, but also neck and back injuries, making him absolutely incapable of lifting weights.

Insurance firm, Aviva, who was representing the pond supplier, was suspicious. On scrutinizing the entire case, an array of social media posts were discovered which clearly indicated that the reported was lifting heavy weights, even on the day he went on a medical examination which noted “ongoing symptoms prevent him from performing activities that involved lifting.”

As a result, Bardsley was ordered to pay more than £14,000 in legal costs.