Marathon Runner Set Record For Iconic 268-Mile Trail While Picking Up Litter

We all have heard exceptional stories of athletes, hikers and mountaineers breaking records by covering and crossing tough terrains, risky valleys and high altitudes. But we have never come across an athlete who, while crossing some difficult trails, happens to collect the waste scattered on the trail in order to restore its beauty. This marathon runner did just that!

Damian Hall has set a benchmark in the history of trail climbing by completing the iconic route from Kirk Yetholm in the Scottish Borders to Edale, Derbyshire which includes a portion along Hadrian’s Wall, in an absolutely unbelievable time of 61 hours and 34 minutes. He was able to beat the previous records by more than three hours.

For all those who aren’t aware of The Pennine Way, it is located in The Great Britain and is one of the oldest, and probably the toughest Trail. Much of it is situated over distant, boggy hills with a total ascent which exceeds the height of Mount Everest.

Hikers, usually complete their trail journeys in 16 to 19 days, however, Damian was able to complete it in just two and a half day, battling all odds on the way ranging from sleep exhaustion to extreme weather conditions.

The dad of two from Wiltshire, UK and his team of pacers followed the trend and contributed by clearing the litter on their way and stuffed it in their own pockets before handling it to the concerned team.

Hall, an ambassador for running and hiking equipment brand Invo-8 overwhelmingly said at the finishing line that he remembered writing about Mike Hartley’s 1989 record in the Pennine Way guidebook before he got into running and thinking. He thought it was insane and he could have never done that. He appreciated the amount of support and faith his team had shown towards him. He mentioned that he couldn’t have done it without his exceptional crew. He had his own episodes of highs and lows, but it was all worth it in the end with the kind of support he had received from all.

He added by saying that he felt hugely motivated by three things. He was able get FFF inked on his arm with a permanent marker, which stood for Family, Friends and Future. He clarified that there wasn’t much litter on the trails but they made sure to pick up anything which they saw on the trail. The road crew showcased support by picking up litter from place, as they met him along the way. The whole effort has been certified as Carbon Negative by Our Carbon.

The record which Damian has broken was previously been set by his friend, John Kelly, a week before, who is an American Ultramarathon runner. Before that, the record stood unbeaten for 31 years, which originally belonged to the legend himself, Mike Hartley who ran for as long as 65hours 20minutes in 1989. Hall, who had attained the fastest time for running about 630-mile South West Coast Path, which is believed to be Great Britain’s Longest trail, promoted a green run and registered a historic record this time by running without any animal or plastic waste. He also rose about four thousand Euros.