Mayor Agreed To Put Turtle Crossing Signs As Requested By An 8-Year-Old Boy

Public requests are often not fulfilled by the government. This is the conclusion drawn after decades of disappointment received by the general public from the government. It is believed by the citizens that “nothing ever gets done” when any request or demand is sent by the public. However, it came as a surprise when an 8-year-old boy’s request was accepted.

Jack Weitbrock, a citizen of West Lafayette, Indiana, had to stop several times on a busy road to rescue baby turtles when he travelled with his mother. Concerned about the baby turtles, this 8-year-old boy decided to write a hand written note to the Mayor, John Dennis, requesting him to put turtle crossing signs on the roads for their safety. It seemed like a miracle to general public as it actually worked. The Mayor was convinced by this little boy’s letter and decided to put the signs up in all the nearby ponds.

Mayor Dennis replied to Jack’s letter saying that he was happy to have people like him caring about wildlife. He also wrote that he had some signs made for letting the drivers know that turtles are crossing the roads. A sample of the sign was also enclosed in the letter. He also mentioned that he will announce this on one of their weekly Board of Work Meetings.
Jack and his family were also invited by the Mayor to say a few words regarding this to the City’s Board of Works weekly meeting. Jack said, “I just want to say that I care about the whole earth and everyone on it. That’s all.”

Two signs are now standing outside Jack’s home. The sign says, “Turtle XING” with the drawing of a turtle. Jack’s mom, Michelle Wietbrock, said that she was proud of his son for standing up for his beliefs.

Though Jack does not have the right to vote but he was surely able to get things done. People are looking forward to Jack’s next initiative. They are excited to see him write more letters to the government and use this power of his for a better future.