Meet The 21-Year-Old Fashion Designer Whose Drop-Dead Gorgeous Hair Sculptures Will Blow Your Mind Away!

People say in order to look perfect, all you need is a nice dress, matching shoes and some complementing accessories to go with it, and you are done. But is that it? Don’t you think something is missing? Yes, the most important of all – your hair. Getting your hair sorted out is, all women would agree, no less laborious than climbing a mountain. While most of us are still wondering how to perfect the hair knot or master the French braid, this artist sculpts her hair into works of art.

Laetitia KY, a 21-year-old fashion designer, has gained a lot of attention for creating incredible sculptures out of her hair.

While many people may spend 15 minutes tending to their hair in the morning, very few spend as much time as Laetitia KY does. An aspiring fashion designer and self-described ‘art addict’ from Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Laetitia has been wowing the Internet with her new viral Instagram series that showcases some absolutely unbelievable hair sculptures.


Using materials like fabric, pins, thread, wire, and hair extensions, Laetitia creates hairdos that appear to defy the gravity.

She has always loved hairdressing, but was inspired by the ‘beauty and complexity’ of a photo series showing the hairstyles of African women from different tribes. “They were giant, and I wondered how you could do that with hair,” she said.


For her own designs, she tries not to think too much and draws inspiration from “everything and nothing at once”.

Most of her hairstyles can be done in a few minutes, but her most popular series, which shows a set of floating hair-hands that are doing everything from holding her glasses to playing the guitar, took half a day to create. She used wires to help her shape the hands.


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