Meet The Earless Pit Bull, Calista, Whose Life Turned Around After She Met A New Loving Family!

When people have gone through a violent, traumatic experience, it can be difficult to believe that things will ever change for better. Aside from the physical and psychological scars, the victim is left with lifelong nightmares. This can be just as true for dogs as it is for the humans. It can be hard for pets who have such painful pasts to be adopted. More often than not, they may be struggling with emotional problems or physical deformities.

Calista, the pit bull, was in such a bad shape that from the moment her rescuers laid eyes on her, they knew she had been through something disturbing.

She was found four years ago by a police officer in Phoenix, Arizona who spotted an injured female pit bull wandering the streets. The dog was in extremely bad shape and it was incredible that she was still alive. She had bite wounds on her ears and one flap was severed, while the other was too infected and decayed to save. She was covered in ticks and was diagnosed with nearly every tick-borne disease possible, including Babesia and Ehrlichia.


She was emaciated and had numerous scars covering her tiny body. Also, she was terrified of many things, including jingling keys and even food.

That’s when the local rescue group there, Mayday intervened and picked her up. They brought her straight to the ER vet. Jeannette immediately agreed to foster her and said that even though she had been through all the pain and agony, the most notable thing about Calista was that, she was still gentle, cautiously trusting, and there was hope in her eyes.

Before (Bottom) and After (Top)—This is Calista. This page was created as a thank you to every single person that took part in saving her life. Although that was the intent, her page has grown into something we never anticipated. It is amazing to see the way in which her magic travels through the Internet and resonates with people across the world. As that happens, we get new people who aren't familiar with her story and sometimes they express concern about her ears. I am going to reshare her story but I would also like to address the appearance of her ears now. Her ear nubs are a miracle created by the amazing work of board certified surgeons, they are NOT a result of cropping they are the result of multiple reconstructive surgeries designed to remedy the damage done by humans and animals. I realize that without knowledge of the before, the after might not seem as beautiful, but when you know what it took to get those little ear nubs, they become absolutely perfect. To all our new friends welcome, and to our old we love you still ?. If you are interested, we have more info on her FB page and on I'm Not a Monster's page but here is a brief overview. Calista was found emaciated, covered in ticks, and had severe bite wounds to both ears. Her right ear flap had been severed, whereas her left ear flap was so decayed and infected that it was not salvageable. She was so dirty that she appeared brown. She had multiple tick borne diseases and required extensive medical treatment to not only heal her ears, but also to heal her little body. Through it all she was courageous, forgiving, hopeful, and loving. Now she enjoys being a family pet and therapy dog. She loves her brother, food, sleep, food, more food, gelato, cantaloupe, carrots, and really just any kind of food, and people. She is finally living the life she always deserved. If you have any questions I am happy to answer them! Thanks and welcome! ❤️❤️❤️

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