Message In A Bottle Saved Lives Of A Family Of Hikers

A family of three-Curtis Whitson, his 13-year-old son named Hunter and his girlfriend named Krystal Ramirez got trapped in an area named Waterfall. Then the hikers took a plastic bottle and put the message for help in it. After that, they threw it down the fall. The bottle managed to reach the right place and saved their lives.

Adventure trips top the bucket list of most of the people. They long to pack their bags to live the thrilling elements. But these trips do not always end on a favorable note. A family of three also took up a similar kind of trip. The end of their hiking got scary. But they managed to reach their home with due difficulties.

Curtis Whitson, his three-year-old son named Hunter and his girlfriend named Krystal Ramirez is a family of adventurous souls. They wanted to live some thrilling moments in the lap of nature. So they decided to go for hiking in Arroyo Seco and live their days to the full. After getting done with the things, they left for the scheduled place.

The three-member group went ahead in full spirits. With rigorous efforts, they managed to reach in the middle of their four-day hike. On their way, the hikers noticed a beautiful waterfall adding to the beauty of that place. They thought it right to go for a camp on the top of the fall. After getting on the top of the 40-foot waterfall, they settled down with their things to enjoy their camping. But the excited souls were unaware of the approaching catastrophe.

As time ticked away, the water level soared up and breached the mark. The waterfall gradually took up the garbs of a raging beast. Sensing the severity of the situation, the hikers then started to look at the available options to grab a secure return to their home.

But the water flow was so precarious that they did not dare to move from their place. Whitson shared that: “the water level caught us off guard and our timing was just not right”.

So they gave up on the idea to cross the flow.

Then a reusable water bottle caught their eyeballs. After scrounging in their bags, they got an old receipt. Then they put them together and decided to use the bottle to deliver their message for help down the fall.

They wrote their message: “We are stuck here @ the waterfall get help please” on the old receipt. They also mentioned the date-“6-15-19” to give an idea of their presence on the top of the waterfall. Then they tried to etch-“GET HELP” on the bottle with some sharp tool.

After getting done with the message thing, they put the message in the bottle.

Then they threw the bottle down the fall. Tricks, like these, do not don the crown of yielding 100% success. But the lady luck smiled on the hikers. So the bottle went with the flow and managed to grab the attention of two campers. They were enjoying themselves half a mile down the river. They got panicked to read the message with the date and rushed to intimate the campground manager about the situation.

The campground manager informed the helicopter team. They launched the search operation and managed to locate them (family). Everyone was relieved to find them in sound condition. Thus, they managed to reach their home safely.