MIL Drops Newborn In The Delivery Room After Her First Look At Him

There are many stories we've heard about newborns not being treated nicely. Here, is another one. A newly born was dropped on the ground by her grandma after she said that he was too dark to be his son's child.

Human cruelty just took another level. An old lady dropped a newly born to the ground just because she had doubts about her daughter-in-law. She alleged that she did not give birth to her son’s child. She suspected it to be someone else’s child. When she looked at the newborn’s skin color, she was adamant about the fact that the child wasn’t her grandson. She then took the anger out on the child, by dropping the child who was not even twelve hours old to the ground.

Thankfully, there was a doctor and a nurse present on the scene. They immediately took the child for inspection of any injuries that might have occurred to the child. The grandmother was then booked for charges and was later arrested. The mother was so shocked by her MIL’s behavior that she took it out on a post on JUSTNOMIL. She described the whole incident and wanted a second opinion on the same.

The mother described herself as a very pale Native American and further, she looked more of an Irish than Native. She stated her husband is a Norwegian Man. She then recalls the moment “When she handed my baby, she looked at him and says, ‘He’s not [my Significant Other’s], he’s too dark to be SOs, [I] must have cheated.” She further narrated that the child was taken for inspection and “I am still seething with anger at what she has done.”

People on the internet supported the mother and were furious at the MIL. The users wrote: “She tried to kill your baby, because she thought that it might not be your SO’s,” the commenter wrote. “Glad to hear that she is in Jail. If that isn’t a cause to go No Contact, I don’t know what is. I am so sorry you are going through this.” Another user wrote, “I’m so sorry she did this to you and your baby.”

One user wrote, “You didn’t react to overreact, the consequences that followed were because professional staff saw the real threat, took over and acted appropriately. What followed then were the consequences of her actions and if it was an overreaction, it would not have likely gotten as far as jail etc. She dropped your baby like it was trash after deciding you were unfaithful with no shred of evidence. She is not a well, safe person for you or your son to be around.”

MIL surely was nuts to do such kind of a thing to a newly born. The mother surely did the right thing. The child’s granny is surely not trustworthy of babysitting. If I had to be honest, she should not be allowed to be near the baby at all.