MIL Ordered Same Ring For Herself After Son Proposed

A Reddit user shed light on her burning heart by sharing her engagement ring story with the social media world. The woman got married to her love. To make the moments special, her mother-in-law arranged for her engagement ring. But things slipped for worse when the mother-in-law started to wear a same ring like hers. Her story ignited mixed emotions.

The engagement ring holds an important place in one’s life. It reflects on the sanctity of relations. Its sight lets one soak in the golden moments back and again. But what if you find someone in your family wearing the same ring? Well, a Reddit user faced a similar kind of situation after her wedding.

The woman was all ready to tie the knot with her lover with whom she had spent 14 years of her life. But the couple did not want to take the things high. They wanted to seal the official title in a grounded affair. They wanted to go to court, sign the official documents and win the crown of a married couple. But her mother-in-law wanted to add charm to the moments. She asked her son to propose her. She also arranged for the engagement ring.

That made the woman loses her heart to her mother-in-law’s love. Not just that but the mother-in-law also treated them lavishly to celebrate their golden moment. But then came the wave of agony that shook her heart. Her mother-in-law had fallen in love with her engagement ring. It pushed her to order the same ring for her while placing an order of her daughter-in-law’s engagement ring!

The daughter-in-law lost her nerves when she saw her mother-in-law wearing the same ring as hers on her left finger with her wedding band. That made her heart goes into pieces.

To pour out her pain, she took to Reddit world after two years of marriage. Taking on her story, she shared, “She helped facilitate the purchase of a real engagement ring, took us to a fancy restaurant and took our daughter off our hands so he could make a scene of it. The ring is gorgeous, and even through my MIL is embarrassed that it’s NOT a REAL diamond, I love it all the same”.

My MIL is wearing an identical copy of my engagement ring from JUSTNOMIL

Then she wrote the breaking point of her story. She commented, “Apparently when she ordered my ring, she ordered herself a copy,” she continued. “I saw her wearing it last week and asked her what the difference is between our rings. ‘No difference, I just liked it so much I got myself one too’”.

The social media world turned up to take on her story. Some of them lashed at her mother-in-law. One of them commented, “I just read your story to my husband to see what his reaction was. Even he made a face and said that is the weirdest thing. Once I mentioned the comment about her wearing it on her ring finger next to her wedding band, he was absolutely appalled”.

Some people supported the mother-in-law. One of them said, “I don’t think she is doing it to be spiteful or weird”.

Ruling out the possibility of maintaining difference with her mother-in-law, she said, “Unfortunately we’re living with her at the moment, so we’re at a disadvantage when it comes to establishing boundaries”.

Hopefully, the woman would muster the courage to put off the fire of agonies in her heart in a pragmatic way.