MIL Secretly Tries To Block The Woman From Getting Epidural, Husband Knew

A woman finds out that her mother in law had been secretly trying to block her from getting an epidural and her husband knew about it the whole time. This mom-to-be recently took to Reddit to share this incident. The post was followed by a number of comments stating how her mother in law stepped way out of line.

Deciding whether to get an epidural or not is a very personal thing to do. Primarily, the right to make this decision should belong to only the doctor and the mother herself. It can be very irritating and unhealthy to try to dive into such matter uninvited even if you are the mother in law! Probably that’s why this mother in law decided to hide the blocking of epidural from the woman herself. We wonder what persuaded the Mother in law into believing that things could actually turn out to be healthy this way.

The woman found this out when she was cleaning messages out of her husband’s phone. Her mother in law had asked her son to convince the woman not to get an epidural. She said that their elder son didn’t turn out to have good behavior and suggested that the same might happen to the one who is yet to come. She said that as a mother, her daughter in law should be strong enough to be able to bear the pain of bearing a child.

The woman, in her post, wrote that not only this, the mother in law herself got an epidural while giving all her births, but her daughters and other daughters in law too had it. Also, her elder son has no behavioral flaws; he is a healthy two-year-old child who is just stubborn and likes to stay away from making contact with people who he doesn’t know. She wondered aloud what made her mother in law recommend a counter opinion.

In the post, she was confused and asking for suggestions as to how to confront her husband and the mother in law in order to tell them that she doesn’t want the mother in law to interfere with her the decisions that only affect her personal and her child’s health. People in the comments agreed that her mother in law was going way out of line about something which is none of her business.


Many comments read that it was not necessary for the woman to confront her mother in law. This is something that only she, and if she wants, her husband should talk about because one doesn’t owe explanations to anyone for making such medical decisions. People suggested her to also ask her husband to not involve the mother in law into this as if she is a part of this team.

The woman later updated her post telling people that she with her husband had decided to keep the mother in law out of contact until her maternity leave is over. She also said that they were supposed to attend a Christmas party with her in-laws but her husband refused to go meet his parents; so for the holidays, they will be visiting the woman’s parents instead!