Millionaire Lives In A Derelict House In Scotland And Eats Food From Bins

Roc, who initially belonged to London, purchased the Island of Gometra back in 1992 for £600,000. Roc has dedicated the rest of his life to live a life free of fossil fuels. He pushed all his efforts towards eliminating himself from taking the advantage of facilities like cars, hot water, central heating, etc.

The decrepit house that he lives in has five bedrooms with an even distribution for one room each for his children and one for himself. The house was originally built 160 years ago and even though he is a permanent resident of the place, his kids are not permanent to the place and visit the island from time to time.

Roc managed his finances well to afford the island, he made fortunes by dealing in property. He is living a low-cost lifestyle on the island as he is self-reliant for food and other essential facilities.

Reflecting on the life he lives, Roc shared that he is a vegan but eats eggs sometimes and his children are freegan which makes them eat whatever comes from the bins. He added that he felt joyous of the fact of being a freegan when something is chucked out while someone is closing their shop. He felt good as the thrown-up items included peppers or bananas.

Roc had learned teaching from his father of drawing the line at eating people’s leftovers, he teaches the same to his kids to continue the legacy.

The climate lover even generates his electricity so that he is not dependent on the central power system and wants to conserve the environment to the fullest. He shared that he only generates the amount of electricity that is sufficient for his computer, telephones, and emergency tools like torches.

He neglects modern technology like electric kettle, washing machine, electric fire, and things that consume an ample amount of electricity.

Talking about the things he left behind, Roc missed his washing machine but he shared that he felt an equal amount of satisfaction by washing the clothes with his hands, which is one of the things he enjoys performing on the island. He created gardening pits that seemed like a plastic bucket which he filled with cold water to soak his clothes. Later, he used a little soap and kept the clothes for drying on the fence.

Roc revealed that he has learned how to live without the luxuries of the world and found true luxury in nature.