Missing Her Students, A Teacher Knitted Dolls Version Of Each During Lockdown

In the recent news, we came to hear about a teacher who drove by her students’ houses to spread love messages and a principal who decorated the driveway of her school with huge photographs of senior students in order to honor them who were to graduate this year. The latest heartwarming news came all the way from Netherlands. Ingeborg Meinster-Van der Duin taught in an elementary school in the city of Haarlem. As the school was shut down, she was missing her class of 23 children. So, she decided to spend her quarantine time knitting doll version of each of her students.

Miss Ingeborg, as she is called by her students, nailed the art. She perfectly made the replica of her kids by giving the dolls the freckles, glasses, hairstyles and outfits that they wore to school. The photograph of the knitted dolls was posted on a Facebook page called Stuff Dutch People Like and the response it received was great. Many people liked and praised the teacher’s efforts.

In an interview with NH, the country’s public broadcaster, Miss Ingeborg said that she got the idea of knitting the dolls after seeing one in Pinterest. She was inspired to see it and since the school was closed because of the pandemic, she decided to knit the dolls which resembled her students. Knitting the dolls was a huge task as it required three to four hours to knit one.

When Miss Ingeborg finished knitting all the 23 dolls, she showed a picture of it to her students and their parents. She did not assign names to dolls beside them but the students were able to pick their replica. The students also asked their teacher that where was her knitted doll. Miss Ingeborg again spent a couple of hours to knit a doll which looked like her and this made her to complete the class.


The crafty teacher’s photo along with the picture of 23 dolls and of her own doll was shared by the Facebook page of the school where Miss Ingeborg teaches. The caption of the photograph, translated in English, said that Miss Ingeborg was going to be famous and she should start making dolls of her colleagues.

The adorable and heartwarming picture of the dolls went viral over the internet. Whenever the picture was shared by somebody, positive comments started to flood in. On the post of Stuff Dutch People Like, people said that they loved the teacher’s creativity and her dedication towards her students during this pandemic. One of the users wrote that amazing people came to the forefront of late amidst all the sadness.

One person suggested that this creation should be preserved in the school or the local community as the reminder of the inspired creativity during the coronavirus outbreak only if the students are willing to give away the dolls.