Mocked For Her Fake Lips That Cost Her £1,300, This Girl Got Back At The Bullies In The Smartest Way

The world of glamor is not easy to endure, one needs to go through so many highs and lows to finally get recognized in the area one had aspired to be a part of in the start of their journey. Shauna Sargeant, a makeup artist is no different as people have taken a jibe at her for her lips by calling them “trout pout” and “fish lips”.

It was heartbreaking for 22-year-old Shauna Sargeant when she saw her pictures being mocked on the internet by calling her lips  “too big”. It was her choice to make them look like the way they are now and it wasn’t an easy process for her.

She receives quite a lot of criticism for using lip fillers but she knows how to deal with all the hatred that comes her way! She loves her “lip transformation” which cost her a total of £1,250 which includes getting 1ml injections four times after she had lip fillers injected in a smaller quantity.

The cosmetologist has always been very open about her lip fillers and even shares her pictures with the online community she is a part of. The purpose of this community is to appreciate all the aspiring artists and give them a platform where they can share their work. However, Shauna reveals that her pictures were ridiculed on the internet and people were really harsh when talking about her lips.

When Shauna comes across all the hatred, she experiences a meltdown as anyone else would. Her appearance matters a lot to her and the decision of getting her lips done was the result of her being insecure about them. So, the hard-hearted comments leave her panicking and anxious. But she has learned to not take them seriously with time.


The rude words kept coming in and Shauna could not let them get to her head. She was confident in what she did which is amazing and gave a great response to all the trolls. Her response was in the form of a makeup look which she called “green with envy”. How brave is that!

Shauna says, “There are so many misconceptions about having your lips done.” She is right! When it comes to saying rude things to someone, it is important that you know the story behind all that you just “see”.

In this case, Shauna has to get lip fillers injected every four to six months as they don’t really stay that long. So, nothing is easy and it is high time people realize that before judging anyone for their appearance.