Mom Accidentally Bought Creepy Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids From Amazon

Kindergarten and Elementary schools around the world have numerous fundraisers, holidays and themed parties for the students. Parents have to keep track of every such day so that their child does not feel left out. Even the parents have to take part in some celebrations and sometimes it doesn’t go as planned.

Abbey Busch is one of such parents whose children are in the elementary school. As a working mother, she has to deal with school’s themed days along with her own work. As Valentine’s day was forthcoming, she ordered a few Valentine’s day cards for her daughter so she could give them to her friends. As she found the cute little cards with plastic animals on Amazon and showed them to her daughter, her daughter Ella loved the cards. She ordered them and they arrived on time for her to put them together.

Abbey noticed that the captions on the cards were not ordinary just two days before Valentine’s Day, shortly before she had to leave on a business trip. After reading the unusual quotes, she posted the photos and the story on Facebook. She said that captions on the cards seem like something spit out of a bad online translator. The captions read “See you appear, feel the whole body is overpowered,”, “All my life, just to make half of you,”. “Let’s go together while we are young,” one of the cards said. “Love someone. Really no reason. I feel it,” said another.

Posted by Abbey Busch on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The cards with bizarre sayings were to be given to kindergartners and their parents who would be reading them. This thought put the mom in a pickle situation. She hoped that children’s parents won’t complain about the “creepiest Valentine ever” that she mentioned in her post.

Posted by Abbey Busch on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Abbey’s story on Facebook received a great response. The post got more than three thousand shares and hundreds of comments from amused parents. Judging by the response, we may think that she let Ella hand out the weird cards.

In this case, it worked out well for her. However, if parents are careless and make a mistake, then their child might have to suffer for that. Ordering products online from various shopping sites without checking the product details and reviews can cause serious problems. Parents have to be attentive regarding the same.