Mom Bought Urine Stained Dress For Daughter’s ‘Cheapest Wedding’

Shelly in an interview disclosed her plans to keep the wedding under her $1000(£700) budget. The first priority in the list of tasks was to find a venue and Shelly knew the perfect-in-budget place- the local school gym. Talking about her selection of the location, she said that the best part about it was that she didn’t have to pay for it as her friend works there and so it was an excellent place to get married.

But, Denise, Colby’s mother was not at all impressed when she heard about this plan of hers. She said that she thought it was a joke. Nobody in their right mind would be serious to have a wedding in a gym. Ashley, daughter of Shelley, agreed that it was going to be the cheapest wedding ever.

Next on the list were flowers and of course, Shelley had a secret strategy to keep costs to a minimum. Rather than ordering the bouquets through a florist, she found a warehouse that provided out-of-season flowers. It was a seasonal distribution company that would have flowers and those flowers are out of season right now so they would be inexpensive.

She further said they could even have Christmas flowers. Thanks to her savvy idea, she was able to pick up an entire box of festive poinsettia for under $10 (£7).

When the two mothers went to a bakery hunting for a wedding cake, Shelley was petrified by how much they were going to set her back. According to her spending, $400 (£285) was absurd; it was a total waste of money. Instead, they could spend $2 (£1.40) for a cake mix. So that’s what she decided to do- bake her own cake. Then all they had to do was ask for a cake stand from the bakery to make it look presentable.

She said that she thought the display cake was the better option for their wedding because it didn’t cost them anything, it was free of cost.

Now the wedding dress might possibly be the most important purchase of all, but Ashley’s dream of having a dress from a boutique was dashed when Shelley said her only choice was to select from the ones on offer at a pawn shop. With the choice of three dresses, Ashley to the surprise landed on the one she liked, only to find out that it had rat urine all over it.

But this didn’t change Shelley’s mind as she managed to negotiate with the shop assistant and captured the dress at a bargain price of $75 (£53).

Finally, when the wedding day arrived, Shelley told that they surprisingly had more people than they thought of and they were all bringing their own booze and food. They were happy to do it.

But groom Colby was not as impresses as his mother-in-law. He confessed that he was not totally happy about where and how they were getting married, but he was excited to make that commitment to Ashley.

As Ashley walked down the aisle to meet her future husband, she was shocked to be met by her mum. Shelley revealed that the last and the biggest secret about the wedding was that she was the ordained minister and she was going to officiate that wedding.