Mom Came Up With Strict 17-Rule Contract For Son To Have A Phone

Do you worry about giving your child a phone? It can be tough for parents to decide when to give their kids phones. Many parents worry that too much screen time can be bad for children, while others fret about the dangers of internet. So, to combat these fears one mother decided to put some rules in place before getting her son a mobile.

This mum set boundaries by issuing her son with rules before handing him over his new mobile phone. Mel Watts, a blogger thought up of a 17-rule contract for her son, Ayden. In order to use his new mobile Ayden was required to sign the agreement and would have his phone taken if he disobeyed.

To enjoy the freedom of having a mobile the pre-teen must agree to answer all the calls from his parents. Bedroom screen time, not messaging someone before 7.30am and setting up private accounts had been banned.

His mom clarified that trolling, bullying and sharing pictures without the consent of others will also be unacceptable.

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People reckon we look alike; I can kinda see it 😜 18 when I first heard your heart beat. It’s like you knew I needed you. You changed my life for the absolute better. Two kids learning the ropes of life and parenting together. You were learning to crawl whilst I was learning patience. You were learning to laugh whilst I was learning compassion. You were learning to wrap your little fingers around my whole pinky when I promised you I’d be the best mum to you. I can no longer watch you walk around in shoes beyond your size as now your foot is bigger than mine. I can no longer carry you around on my hip but you could carry me. I can always say I love you and I’m proud of you because everyday I am. #aydenwwhughes

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The contract that Ayden had to sign as full is:
You acknowledge that if phone is broken or lost, you are to replace it or fix it at your own cost. We have taken the responsibility to provide you with a top of the range screen protector and cover.

Always answer your parents’ calls. If you can’t answer, message us, call us when you can. If no contact is made, then we look for you.

Data – once you go over your data you don’t get any extra till you next data top-up.

No mobile phones in rooms.

Mobile phone is to be given to parents before you go bed – at both houses.

Screen times apply. No messaging people before 7.30am, some people actually sleep in, strange huh?!
Follow the school’s rules and policies for mobile phones.

Do NOT take photos, movies of people who aren’t aware. This includes strangers. Especially if someone asks you not to take image.

Do NOT upload anything on social media that you wouldn’t like being uploaded about yourself or your sisters. Or you wouldn’t want your mother or grandmother to see.

Don’t troll people on social media.

Passwords and account names – accessible at all times. You change the password and we don’t know – IT’S GONE.

If you delete and purposefully hide things on your phone, social media or emails, you’ll lose the accounts.

Remember what you write and say. Writing something can come across completely differently to what someone might have meant.

What you post on social media is forever.

If you are being bullied – show us. Don’t hide it.

Understand your SIM card and use of our phone is a huge privilege.

Any violence, issues that cause us to lose trust in your will result in banned phone.

This piece of paper has proved to be of great help to all parents. It has been praised by many. Ayden might not like what he is signing but praises for his mother have been coming from all over the internet. We hope Ayden follows all the rules his mother has set up for him.