Mom Created Roadblock To Make People Focus On Her Children’s Lemonade Stand

A mother’s love is the purest form of love. She goes above and beyond for her children’s happiness. If things don’t go smoothly, a mother does everything to change them in favor of her child. In a similar incident when a mother found her kids helpless, she came to rescue. Twin kids had set up a lemonade stall roadside. People kept passing by and none of them stopped to greet the children or have lemonade form their stall. The mother became really upset on seeing this.

To make her kids happy, the mother made a roadblock to force the passer-byes to stop at the stall. When multiple people drove past the children’s lemonade stall, she could not stop herself from blocking the road. The mother posted about this online but it was not taken down well by the audience. People have been criticizing her for her actions although her intentions were good. People were of the view that causing disruption to the motorists passing by was not acceptable.

In the post, the woman thanked people who came there to support her twins at the lemonade stall. She also wrote that it is part of general etiquettes to stop by at a stall set up by children. She continued with writing that she agrees that the lemonade was not good and also warm but it is important for people to stop when the kids are asking them to stop by at their stall and also because ` the children are cute.

The woman also wrote in the post that she intentionally put up a barricade near the lemonade stall. This forced the drivers to pull over and appreciate her kids. The mother said that she shouldn’t have done this. If people would have been nice to her children it would not have come down to this. The woman ended the post by writing that people should be better citizens to acknowledge the kid’s stalls because children are too innocent to understand why someone would not stop to see their efforts.

The post was written on Facebook by the woman. It was reshared on Reddit where it was flooded with responses from people on the woman’s actions. Most people criticized the woman and were of the view that no one would pull over to have lemonade if forcefully stopped by barricading. One of the users wrote he would specifically not stop at such a stall even for free lemonade when he is intentionally been blocked and forced to stand there. He also mentioned that he thinks it is illegal.

The post gained a lot of attraction. A person wrote that it was shocking that the mother expected people to stop at her kid’s stall and have a good reaction even after knowing they have been deliberately stopped there using barricades. Another person commented that he would have stopped to drink lemonade only if it was cool and bug free. The post overall had confounded views from people.