Mom Found A Poem At The Spot She Leaves Flowers For Her Daughter

A woman named Sharon Green puts flowers on the road opposite a leisure centre on 20th January every year. The day marks the death anniversary of her daughter- Rebecca who took her last breath in 1996. But this year, she found a laminated poem at that place. She met the poet- Peter Fearnley in the famous ‘Good Morning Britain’ show.

Tragic ends of loved ones leave a deep and painful imprint on one’s heart. It takes a lot of strength to overcome that emotional turmoil and accept the bitter truth of life. A woman went around a similar torrent of agonies when she lost her 13-year-old girl named Rebecca in 1996.

The day- 20th January 1996 turned out the darkest day of life for Sharon. Her bubbling girl- Rebecca was rollerblading on the road opposite a leisure centre. Then the monster of death grabbed her. A car riding with thunder ran over her. The girl toiled hard but took her last breaths. Twenty years hence, the day still makes Sharon shiver with horror. To commemorate the death of her daughter, she has been paying tribute to her on 20th January every year. She has been placing flowers at the spot of the accident.

But this year, her family was not alone in their tributes. She saw a laminated paper lying there when she reached the spot along with her husband. She thought it a notice from the council and moved towards it. After taking a closer look, she found it poetry.

Putting her anxious nerves down, she went ahead to grab its words. Her heart bloomed up with joy. That poem captured her flowery tributes and brought out her pain.

Startled on reading the poem, she grew desperate to see the poet of that beautiful piece of writing. She asked her daughter Emma to go in the quest of the beautiful soul. Not just that, they also got to know that the poem was trending on Facebook. That added to their anxiety.

Their long wait came to an end when she met the nobleman on the show- ‘Good Morning Britain’. Peter Fearnley (a singer and songwriter) from Sheffield turned up to meet the daughter-mother duo.

Taking on his part of the story, he said, “I’d been driving past the flowers every year, like you say for over 20-years and every time I saw them, I thought it was such a touching tribute”. After working out the emotions, he went ahead to provide her feelings shape of words. Shedding light on that part, he said, “I’ve been a songwriter for a long time and so it was natural to me to put those feelings into words and write a tribute to you, to say there were other people who noticed your tribute and wanted to share some love, really”.

Sharing her encounter with the poem, Sharon said, “My husband and I crossed the road and I was just so overwhelmed. To think that somebody had been driving past, commuting to work for the past 20 years, and had noticed that these flowers were there”.

Expressing her gratitude to Peter, she said, “We’d just like to say we were absolutely overwhelmed with the effort and the time put into doing that”.

Peter’s noble gesture is winning hearts around the world. One of the viewers called him “a lovely man”.

Hence, the magic of poetic words blended with guzzling emotions rocked the entire world.