Mom Is Angry At Grandma For Saying Baby Has Terrorist Name

Names matter a lot in the present-day world. They not only provide one with one’s identity. But unfortunately, they also decide the treatment they would get from the world. People have different perceptions about different names. Thus, it is not a surprise to find parents to be very particular while naming their children. Not just that, the naming thing also end up causing rifts among people sometimes. A woman found herself in the storm after naming her son with her boyfriend.

The couple welcomed their son in May when she was in her senior year of college. Working out a pleasant beginning, they named him Khalil. They finished their schooling and came back to live with their respective parents. Bridging the gap between them, her boyfriend would come to live with her from Friday to Sunday. However, his family could not meet their baby due to the raging pandemic.

On Thanksgiving, he decided to join his mother before going over to his girlfriend’s house. There, he met his mother’s friends who asked about Kyle. He got confused and asked his mother about it. Answering his query, his mother attributed it to their baby’s correct name. According to her, it was a terrorist name. And she did not want her friends to know that.

After learning about his mother’s reaction and behavior, the woman decided to bar her from meeting their child until she called their baby name by his correct name. She felt that his mother was doing so because she did not want her friends to know that the baby was half black. However, her boyfriend refused to believe that and asked her not to bring it under the color of racism. Also, he found her move to be cruel on her part. Thus, the name issue ended up causing a rift between the couple. Trying to get way out of that, she took it on the Reddit platform.

Pointing out the racial angle involved in the issue, she said, “I’m not Muslim. I’m Christian and my boyfriend is too but I am Black and he is white.” Adding to that she said, “I asked my boyfriend what she calls him when her friends aren’t around and he said she mostly just calls him ‘the baby.’ She never uses his real name.”

Not just that, she also shared, “I feel like she is only doing this because she is upset that her grandson isn’t all white and calling him Kyle can trick her friends into thinking he is. She has pictures of him but he’s still on the lighter side right now so I asked if she was passing him off as white.” Highlighting the perturbing bits brewing between them, she said, “We haven’t talked about it since yesterday and I am worried about bringing it up again. Am I overreacting?”

To her delight, the social media world was up but in a divided way. One person supported and commented, “You need to keep your son away from bf’s mom, not because she calls him by the wrong name, but because she’s a terrible person.” But many people turned up to support the grandmother’s stand. They went ahead to highlight other facets of the name issue involved.