Mom Mortified After Husband Changed Baby’s Diaper At Restaurant Table

It is quite obvious that no one would like dirty diapers near their food, especially when they are trying to eat. One woman’s husband, however, didn’t seem to realize that their dinner table wasn’t the correct place to clean his niece’s dirty diaper. The original poster shared how much his dining foul-up made her uncomfortable.

The OP and her husband have been married for 14 months. She posted on Reddit that during that time, she had gotten aware that he loved his 1-year-old niece. He always took care of her when he was free. She continued saying that they haven’t gone for a dinner date in quite a while. So, she asked him if just the two of them could go out. She organized everything but was not aware of the big revelation that was coming on her way.

Since she couldn’t take the day off, she left work early and went to meet him there at the restaurant. She walked inside and to her surprise saw her husband sitting with his niece at the car seat by the table. She asked him that why he brought his niece along with him. To that, he replied that his sister had some work to do and requested him to keep an eye on his niece.

He explained to her that no one was in the town, which meant that he was the only one who could take care of the baby. Sadly, the place was not suitable for children and the OP observed that the restaurant staff was giving them judgmental looks.

AITA For leaving in an Uber after what my husband did at the restaurant? from AmItheAsshole

His niece started crying as soon as they began ordering their meals, and her husband kept asking the waitress about food items that were not on the menu for the girl to eat. She was humiliated by the looks she was receiving from people who were unable to enjoy their meals because of the noise her husband’s niece was making. Especially when he started singing, You’re Welcome from Moana movie while swaying her.

The wife went to the washroom, but moments later she heard her husband talking rudely with someone. She went to see what the matter was and saw her husband changing his niece’s diaper on the table. The waitress was arguing with him and soon the manager came in to solve the issue after her husband said that he would take only a minute to get it done.

The couple was asked to leave. As soon as they got outside the OP burst out of anger. She said to him that he should have informed her about bringing her niece so that she could choose another restaurant. She told him that she was ashamed of what happened inside.

He started backfiring on her after she refused to sit in the car and blamed her for picking the wrong restaurant. He told her that she should understand that he was helping his sister, but she still decided to take an uber and go home. He went to his sister’s place and called saying that it was not right for her to leave like that. He also said that she made her feel bad for wanting to help. But she didn’t answer.

She said that her husband felt that her reaction was unnecessary and thought that people should mind their own business when he was doing something like that in public places.