Mom Shocked To Know Her Mother-in-Law Watches Her From Baby Cameras

Grandmothers are indeed overprotective of their grandchildren but that does not give them the right to invade a couple’s privacy. A woman discovered that her mother-in-law had access to their baby cameras at home. Her husband went behind her back and now she is furious with both of them.

A new mother shared how her partner and mother-in-law invaded her privacy. She shared that her mother-in-law wanted to move in with them when she gave birth to her baby. The mother-in-law wanted to move in with the couple so that she could take care of the baby, help the couple cook and clean. The couple disagreed and hired a nanny instead.

They hired a nanny to help with childcare and everything was going fine until the mother-in-law by mistake told her that she has access to the baby cameras and knows exactly what the baby and other people of the house are up to. The mother-in-law accidentally revealed that her son gave her the remote access of the baby cameras.

Now the mother is furious with her husband and mother-in-law. More with her husband because he violated their privacy by sharing the access of the baby cameras with his mother after the couple declined her offer to move in with them. The new mother declined to that as well as she found that it was odd and intrusive for someone watching over the baby except them. But, her partner went behind her back and gave her the remote access of the baby cameras.

The mother shared: “I found out today through an inadvertent message she sent to a group chat that was meant for him that she has been monitoring everything from when he (their child) comes back from a walk to when he sleeps to when he eats.”

She further shared: “I thought it was all behind us until I saw that text message today from her to him saying ‘the nanny brought him back from his walk ten minutes ago and now he is sleeping’. I feel like my trust and privacy is completely violated and I don’t know where to go from here.”

She asked the readers whether her being furious is right or wrong, to which the readers replied in her favor. One replied: “To start change the password to the camera account and do not give it to SO (significant other), he lost that right when he gave the last one to his mummy.”

Another suggested: “I would do some inappropriate adult things in view of the nanny cam, then he will have to fess up that he gave her the code or get caught with his pants down.” Some suggested that she should change the password of the baby cameras that will tell her husband where he stands.

But ultimately, the readers were with the new mother. They also felt that it was odd and intrusive. The husband should have discussed it with her wife rather than going behind her back. If there is no trust and faith in a relationship a relationship cannot go on for long.