Mom Transformed Hoarder’s Unhygienic Filthy House Into A Dream Home

Home is the paradise on Earth to some souls. They put in their best to come up with a living space that could quell their besets and worldly concerns. They meticulously carve out the corners where they can cherish peace. A mother named Ciara Sowers devoted her four years to transform a pathetic property into her sweet home.

The 32-year-old woman bought her grandmother’s property and looked forward to spending her days with her two daughters- Marcy, six, and Marleigh, three. She reached the house in Alberta (Canada) to unlock her little world. But all hell broke loose the moment she opened the door. The structure was breathing in a pathetic state, with trash enveloping its sphere. Moving forward, she found jars of urine and hair all over there. Her grandmother had earlier rented out the property to a man.

The state of the bathroom almost made her shed some tears. She found human faeces on the door. Not just that, the water was stagnant in the tub. Thus, there was rubbish all over the house. She had to put in efforts to get across the house. It was looking no less than a hell.

But she was determined to transform it into her sweet home. Thus, without wasting any moment, she began collecting the trash. She ended up with 100 industrial-sized bin bags. After that, she moved in for renovation.

She managed to reclaim the second building in the property as a chicken coop. Not just that, she also dismantled a barn that was in poor condition. Apart from that, it took six months to get the lock of the entrance in working condition. She ended up spending four years in reviving the homely charm of the structure.

Shedding light on her first encounter with the horrendous situation of the house, she shared, “When I first opened the bathroom door, I thought we had made a huge mistake. There were human faeces smeared on the door and in the tub was stagnant water with a milk crate that he would sit on to wash. In the home we also found jars full of urine, bags of human hair, used condoms, newspapers, magazines, rotten food and trash. The trash came up to my hip and we had to climb over dishes and couches to get into the room”.

Basking in the happiness of her accomplishment, she shared the pictures of her home before and after the revival work. One could not trace any similarity between them. They point to two different structures. They go a long way in shedding light on the efforts that she has put in to come up with a liveable home.

Shedding light on her determination, she shared, “The secret was determination, I’m a hard worker and find that I cannot relax until I get a job done”. Adding to that, she shared, “The after pictures are what it looks like now and I feel the home is up to my standards, I feel confident in sharing where I started”.

Ciara Sowers has thus kindled inspiration for those who wish to have their paradise.