Moms Create ‘Human Wall’ Between The Federals And The Protestors

In the month of July, the protests against police took an alarming turn in Portland, Oregon. The protestors were too hard on the cops due to which the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Marshals service had to organize the officers of the federal law of enforcement in the town. The demonstration was so enormous that the federation officers had to use tear gas to disperse the crowd.

The brigadiers were so cold-hearted that they detained the demonstrators without any explanation and felt no shame in adding tear gas in the air. That was the time, when on July 18, a large section of moms came to the rescue of the protestors. They arranged themselves around the demonstrators in such a way that it looked as a “Human Wall”. To their clarification, moms mentioned that they were there to protect the right to protest peacefully.

A Facebook event announced the goals of the moms. To give the agenda an impactful slogan, the event stated “Calling all moms” which surely attracted a whole load of moms to the protest site. Since moms had proved themselves to be the best at protecting everyone, the event was supported by a similar statement as the protestors needed them. Mentioning the hardships of the protestors, the post indicated that the protestors were deprived of their rights and placed in unmarked cars by the unidentifiable law enforcement.

Furthermore, the post continued to state that mothers were always being underrated and never credited for the challenges they faced. Speaking to the buzz feed news, one of the moms who constructed the human wall, Bev Barnum opened up and pointed out that they hoped to save a group of people by “appearing non-threatening”. On that day, nearly 30 moms reached the federal courthouse in downtown Portland. Joshua Potash tweeted the video of the women with helmets and chanting slogans stating “Feds stay clear! Moms are here”.

The women backed up the demonstrators for several hours until the officers started dispersing the crowds with the help of flash-bangs, batons and tear gases. Lots of people came out socially and tweeted the photos of the protest. Amongst them, Julia Peattie, a 63 year’s old retired teacher and a mother was one. Many more twitter users snapped the moms standing hand in hand and posted the pictures online.