Mother Created A Line Of Dolls For Boys To Break The Social Stigma

The woman named Laurel Wider was distressed after his 4-year-old lad came home when he completed his day at school and told her that boys do not cry. The mother cum psychotherapist could not believe her ears. The woman soon realized that every culture had held a strong disapproval on the subject of boys being emotional. She elucidated it by telling that society inculcated a wrong notion that boys were weak when they expressed their feeling or emotions.

Laurel was not contended with such mentality and was adamant to bring a reform. She was keen to redefine and remodel the definition of strong. Keeping this in mind, Wider created a row of toys to press gender stereotypes. She even named the line called Wonder Crew which attracted quite a social attention. The Wonder Crew is a bunch of dolls that were inspired by boys and they fostered the meaning of love and friendship in the world land of boys’ play. Of course, Wonder Crew could be played by both girls and boys.

Winder was able to come down to Wonder Collection with the help of her background psychology. Wonder Crew’s website gave a detailed explanation that strong relationships and emotional connects were the key to happiness, health and even career victory. However, toys that urged qualities like friendship and empathy were largely marketed to girls, inculcating a belief that such type of play were not meant for boys.

Each and every Wonder Crew doll was 15-inch-tall with a super hero cape and a mask for him to wear in addition with a matching set for the child. These dolls were available in variety of skin tones and ethnicities to include all children. The Wonder Crew had numerous collections of dolls. Not only this, the dolls were even sold on Amazon. It doesn’t end here; she had also arranged different costume kits for kids which included fire fighter, construction worker, an explorer, an astronaut, and a snuggler kit that came with cool pajamas.

Wider told that her role as a mother helped her to explore the creative energy in her and it had turned her dream into reality. She gave the credit to her son and told that he was an inspiration behind Wonder Crew. She added that being a parent had inspired her to build the change. Wonder Crew tagline was, ’Go anywhere, Be anything.’ And this was precisely her milestone that she had longed to achieve.