Mother-Daughter Graduated Together From Medical School

An African lady was successful in chasing her dream of becoming a doctor in the company of her own daughter who graduated as a doctor on the same day. Due to early pregnancy, she was unable to pursue the course of medical and left in between right after her daughter was born. However, soon she realized her desire and worked hard for achieving her goals.

Born in the village of Kenyasi in Ghana, Africa, Dr. Cynthia Kudji Sylvester left her home town at the age of 2 and moved to United States. The desire to become a doctor was instilled in her in early teenage. It happened after an incident that took place during her visit to Africa.She and her mother were asked to help with a sick child in the village as there was no physician available at that time.

Both of them employed various techniques to make the child fared well. Despite of their efforts, the child did not. She was upset about the fact of her mother being asked for help instead of any professional doctor. The incident worked as a catalyst for her desire to become a doctor. Kudji Sylvester went ahead on the path to become a medical professional. Things were going well at Tulane University until she became pregnant at the age of 23.

In order to ensure that there was food for herself and her daughter, Jasmine, she gave up on her dreams. Instead, she grabbed a job of a nurse to support the young one after receiving an undergraduate degree in biology. However, the passion to become a doctor was heightening more and more inside her. When Jasmine went off to college, Kudji Sylvester decided to follow suit as she considered it the perfect time for pursuing her dream.

Firstly, she completed her undergraduate studies at Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans. Finally, after two years, she enrolled herself at the University of Medicine and Health Sciences on the Eastern Caribbean island of St. Kitts at the age of 43. Her daughter was motivated to become a doctor too. Thus, both mother and daughter supported each other with their studies and stayed in touch through Skype.

The day finally arrived when both of them together celebrated the pre-commencement ceremony. Moving on, they graduated from their respective schools. The mom hooded her daughter and marked their successful accomplishment attained after beating the odds. Not only this, they soon received the exciting news of getting their placements just two hours away from one another in their home state. They earned that they both matched to residency positions within the LSU Health System.

They were proud to be among those 2% African American women out of 1,085,783 physicians. The NRMP posted the picture of the mother-daughter doctor duo captioning them as an inspirational match. In their interview, Dr. Jasmine Kudji called her mother the most inspiring person in her life and the reason for her present self. On the same note, Dr. Kudji Sylvester replied, “Jasmine has been my rock through this journey”.