Mother Finds Out Preemie’s Nurse Also Looked After Her Fiancé At NICU

After looking at the photograph of her fiancé which was taken three decades ago in the NICU ward, Renata Freydin couldn’t help but notice the smiling woman who held him. She looked quite familiar and it turned out that she was same nurse who was now taking care for her newborn son at Saint Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Freydin’s son, Zayne Alexander Caldwell, was born on 30th January and was 10 weeks early. Since he came a bit early, he has been recuperating in the NICU at St Peter’s. Freydin said that NICU had some of the best nurses and were taking expert care of his son. The hospital has a special breed of nurses who are all loving and caring. Freydin thought that the nurses there did not get enough recognition.

Coincidently, David Caldwell, father of Zayne, was also born six weeks early in 1986 and he also stayed at the same hospital in NICU. He told that he got his baby book out to compare the baby pictures of him with his son in NICU. After seeing the pictures, Freydin immediately asked David about the lady in the picture. He told her that she was nurse who took care of him when he was born. Her mother loved the nurse so much that she clicked their photograph on the day he was discharged. Freydin could recognize the nurse as she was sure that she was same nurse who was taking care of their baby.

Freydin got so excited that she started to yell at David but he was still not sure that she was the same nurse. Freydin promised that she was the one. David brought the photos to the hospital and showed it to three other nurses who confirmed that she was the nurse. Finally, David believed it.

Lissa McGowan was the mystery nurse who has been working at the same hospital for decades. The couple came to the hospital on 14th February to visit their son and ask McGowan if she would recreate the photograph with their son. The nurse was happy to do it. The new mom said that she was worried at first but knowing that Lissa took care of her husband in the same situation, she was now relieved.

The couple posted the story on their Facebook account and was shared more than 23K times. Thousand of comments poured in. A person wrote that the little baby looked exactly liked his father. Another woman wrote, “What a beautiful story! I would love to see and talk with my NICU nurses that took care of my three boys! How very special!”

Freydin was shocked to see that the post had gone viral. She was happy to see that Zayne was getting better day by day. She appreciated the nurses by saying, “I love everyone of our nurses at the hospital and hope to stay friends with many of them once we leave.”