Mother Left Teary-eyed When Her 2-year-old Autistic Boy Fell In Love With Snow White

The relationship of a mother with her children is considered as the purest and no one can deny it. Everything in this is so unconditional, the things that a mum does for her kids keeping their best interests in mind is so selfless. Be it as minor as cooking their favourite food to as major as doing something so life altering that the entire world is left wooing about you.
Likewise, when a mother, Amanda Coley, got to know that two of her three sons are autistic, she did not start with the pity-on-herself-tears but rather she started making the most of each moment. And she realised that her nannies are as normal as others in a special way.

A mother left in tears after a joyful encounter between her youngest son Jackson and a fairytale character, during a trip to Disney World in Florida.

Amanda who captured the heart-touching moment in her camera later posted a video of the same on her Facebook account. She says that the toddler is non-verbal, meaning he has difficulty speaking and is normally shy with people he does not know.


But everything changed when the boy loving called Jack Jack met Snow White and broke into a huge smile while talking to her.

The video that has been watched more than six million times, shows how the toddler, dressed in an adorable Pinocchio costume, rests his head tenderly on her shoulder.


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