Mother Of One Chokes To Death After Stuffing Cakes In Her Mouth For A Party Trick

The 24 year old was rushed to the hospital after she was found collapsed on her bathroom floor. However, she couldn’t make it and died of a heart attack five days later at Peterborough City Hospital. Gaskin was a beauty therapist and was aspiring for a breakthrough in the beauty industry. She was over five month old when the Gaskin family adopted her.

Her family, traumatized and crushed, urged everyone to not participate in such dangerous food challenges, however innocent the games may seem. Her mother, 52 said in an interview, “I remember raising my eyebrows when Bethan started the game, thinking ‘How old are you?’ and telling her to spit them out.

She was like a little hamster with her cheeks bulging. She danced off to the toilet to get rid of them and it was only awhile later we realized she had been gone a long time.” When her friend went to check on her she was found blacked out on the floor. One of her friends immediately gave her a CPR while her family desperately called for the ambulance. “In my heart, I knew we had lost her before they put her into the ambulance. Too much time was passing.”

Five days later, the family gathered around her bedside to bid her goodbye. “She looked so perfect and so beautiful. It was just like she was sleeping. So many people have said they play a similar game with marshmallows. Even my 90-year old aunt said does it maltesers,” said her mother.

Bethan leaves behind her 3 year old daughter Lili. The family also spoke of the moment when they had to break the news to her grand daughter. “I just told her that mummy was sick and the doctors couldn’t make her better so she has died and we can’t see her again.” The devastated father said, “We just tell her that mummy is an angel in heaven now. It was the hardest thing to have to answer when we had just said goodbye.”

We hope the family soon recovers from the tragedy and our thoughts are with them.