Mother Shamed For Packing Week’s Lunch Ahead For Her Children

Being a mother is a full-time job. One mother shared how she saves some time of her day by planning and packing what her kids will take for lunch. She posted her children’s packed lunch boxes for a week. She had a mixed reaction to her story. She was shamed publically but many came to her rescue as well.

A mother of three shared pictures of plastic zip lock bags packed with her children’s lunch for a week. She shared the pictures and her story to share how she saves time every day by planning and packing her children’s school lunch. She packs one week’s lunch in one go so that she does not have to worry about packing it every day and ensures that the kids have lunch with them at the school.

She shared her method of preparing lunch on Sunday at 3:00 am for a week. The picture had 11 zip lock bags, each containing fruits juice, oranges, kiwi, carrots, apples, stringy cheese, cookies, etc. People had a mixed reaction to her planning and parenting skills. Though some were impressed by her idea, some criticized her and wrote: “Kids don’t need sugary drinks during the day.”


Not only people questioned the choice of food packed by her, but even questioned the items she used to pack the lunch in. People urged her to pack the lunch in more environmentally friendly products rather than plastic. Not only it is bad for health but it bad for the environment as well.

A commenter appraised her idea of packing the lunch ahead but was only concerned about the plastic bags being used and commented: “I’m sorry to be a negative Nelly, but maybe try some alternatives to all the plastic next time.” Though the mother defended herself and told that she uses the same zip lock bags every week. She reuses the plastic zip-lock bags to ensure unnecessary waste is not generated.

She also shared that the plastic zip-lock bags are only used to store the food as her children transfer the food into their lunchboxes every day before going to school. She defended herself and hit back the people criticizing her on Facebook page Mums Who Cook, Clean and Organise and said: “If I wanted people’s negativity, I would ask my ex for his opinions.”

Many jumped in her defense and wrote: “Well done! It changes your whole mindset when you start off being organised for the week ahead.” A second commented: “Good on you, makes the week a lot easier. Bags can be reused.” Another one wrote: “Oh I do this too! But at 8pm not 3am!”

Other added: “Go Mumma! I also reuse the sandwich bags for leftovers, school snacks and fruit and veg prep! They are a perfect way to keep stuff together and fresh and the fact they reseal is perfect.” Yes, it is true that if we plan and organize ahead it makes everything easier.

Nobody knows the amount of work she has and thus, one should be positive about the ideas shared by people. One should help each other grow and not pull them down.