Mr. Chicken Overlooked At Nando’s But Burger King Came To Rescue

A man named Mr. Chicken created hustle and bustle among the staff of one of the restaurants by Nando’s due to his weird surname. His name was deliberately skipped from the waiting list as one of the staff members considered it to be a prank by fellow members. On posting the incident on twitter, he got an even more hilarious solution from Burger King.

Steven Chicken, a reporter for ExaminerLive, desired to have a non-veg meal with family and headed out towards a branch of Nando’s in West Yorkshire last Thursday. However, the effect of his weird surname took a toll upon his desire. He added his name to the waiting list amidst the rush at the restaurant and waited for his turn to take a table until the waiter was able to seat him.

Moving on, a really awkward moment occurred as a staff member from the popular chicken chain kept staring at the list of people waiting and assumed Steven’s name as some kind of prank or joke being played on them by a colleague. In order to escape the prank, they skipped his name on the list and went on with the following person’s name. When he posted his picture along with his hilarious experience on twitter, the post went viral and attracted 134,000 likes and 11,000 tweets.

Furthermore, he added that when they called out other people listed in the waiting list; he went on to check the confusion with the names. Then, he clarified to the staff who was calling out the names that it was not a prank but his actual surname as they could confirm it from the colleague who wrote their name in the list. Soon after the things were sorted out, they received their table pretty much immediately. He also stated that he had no hard feeling over the error and it wasn’t a big deal.

Steven received a variety of comments on the post including related experiences of different people in restaurants and even fetched the attention of Burger King. The fast food chain’s UK twitter account replied that if he would change his name from Steven Chicken to Steven Whopper, they would award him a free meal. Some other users suggested that he must avoid going to Nando’s and some like Matt Nurse shared a similar problematic situation whenever he visited a hospital.

Not only this, a woman with the same surname Chicken stated a relatable experience as she was a worker at the supermarket and a customer accused her of carrying a product name batch to mess with him and taking the piss deliberately. Similarly, a man named Frankie Gunn shared the amazing relationship between the surname and his sister’s profession as she was a police detective. Thus, Steven’s hilarious post was able to create a huge gang of people with such weird surnames on twitter.