Mum Asked Pals To Fund Her £27k Disney World Wedding

Every woman has huge dreams for her wedding. This is one day she has dreamt of about since her childhood. She wants it to be perfect but what if she doesn’t have the money to fund the wedding of her dreams? This woman found a way to raise funds for her fancy wedding instead of lowering her expectations from the big day.

An unnamed lady has made her desire public to have her wedding at the Disney World. She has created a page to crowd fund for her wedding costing $35,000. She has appealed to the public to help her have her dream wedding despite of her not being financially capable. She wrote about all the expenses she could foresee. She further wrote that her husband has had a heart attack and would love to have his wedding done. Well, do not just go yet and donate to her. THERE IS A LOT MORE YOU NEED TO KNOW!

A husband with a heart attack maybe does not help you get the crowd funding you need. There has to be some ill elderly to make it more believable. She, then, further states reasons for not having enough savings due to her 7 kids. To add to this, she has an ill grandmother who needs a 24×7 nurse with her. This shall definitely make you want to help her as after all, IT’s FOR HER WEDDING! The mum then confessed that she did reach out to the Disney World but has yet to receive a reply from them.

Little did she know that asking for help on the internet has its cons as well. Sadly, she got ONLY THE CONS for herself, poor soul! The people on the internet weren’t very sympathetic towards her plea and many did not believe her story. One person commented: “Let’s throw in all of the sob stories and see what sticks. Seven kids, a fiancé who has suffered a heart attack, a sick grandma. Anyone? Anyone?”. Then, there was another person who wrote: “They need to get their financial life straight. Sounds like they enjoy living off other people.”

Most of the users lashed out at the woman and some claimed to this act as a shameful event. Guess what, instead of getting financial support, this woman is getting life lessons. And it seems like her dream wedding at the Disney World will just be a dream.