Mum Had To Shave Her Head After Being Attacked By Glue Filled Hat

A mother of one child was shattered when she had to shave her head after a miserable happening. The event took place quite a week ago and was heartbreaking. The women had to shave her head due to second-degree burns by the glue that was thrown on her head by a strange man.

Marcela Tascon was at her home when the incident took place. She was at her home in Valencia, Spain when a strange man knocked at her door and asked her to admit him inside. As soon as she opened the door, the man forced a hat full of glue and corrosive substance on her head. Marcela went to the hospital and doctors had to chop her hair and shave her head in order to treat the horrible burns. The burns were very severe and caused immense pain.

Explaining the situation, Marcela told that the man claimed of having a present for her. He buzzed at her building at almost 9 in the morning. After observing that the man was holding a bouquet of flowers, Marcela buzzed him in the building. But as soon as he came at the door of her apartment, he threw the flowers on Marcela’s feet and threw the basket filled with glue and corrosive substances on her head. While doing the insensible act, the man hurled abuses at her and ran away.

She mentioned that her 8-year-old son was left stunned and started shouting with sorrow. He was really helpless and started weeping. Marcela ran towards the bathroom and cleaned her head. She asked her son to call the police and friends. She was taken to the hospital as soon as it was possible. Due to second degree burns caused by the ‘abrasive substances’ used in the attack, she was in colossal pain. She managed to survive, but the doctors shaved her head. Marcela was originally from Colombia, and she came to know about the strangest act going on in the country by her doctor.

Her doctor informed her that these types of unpleasant acts were common in Colombia and are known as ‘doing the shampoo’. Explaining further, she revealed that these men were ordered by jealous and covetous wives who found out that their husbands had cheated on them or due to envy with other women. Describing more, she recalled that she had been receiving suspicious calls from a woman having a Colombian accent.

As Marcela was a beautician and her beauty clinic was located in the same building as her apartment, she received the call from a woman saying that she would like to have an appointment. The woman reached out to Marcela about a month ago and wanted to know about the location of her salon. Two weeks later, Marcela pointed out a stranger roaming outside her building. The man was holding a phone and soon then, Marcela inquired if someone was expecting a visitor in the building.

To her surprise, she also received a call from the same woman just a few moments before the man arrived at her door. The women were interested in coming for the treatment the same day. Marcela believes that the man was hired to attack her and put her in this situation. However, cops are investigating the matter thoroughly.