Now You Will Definitely Like Your Beer As It Will Be Derived From Your DNA

We go out at breweries and there are only a few beers we like. We can never like all the beers of all the breweries. Hence, this brewery came up with an idea of making beer according to your DNA. So, no matter what, you are going to love the beer.

Ciaran Giblin got a beer made according to his DNA. His taste preference was then recorded and a genetically derived beer was made to suit his specificity of flavors.

So, you can get a beer made according to your genetic codes and you are going to love it. The brewmaster, Ciaran got his DNA tested by genetic testing company 23 and Me in 2016. It was declared that his genetics had TAS2R receptors, which meant that he has an inclination towards bitter or sweet flavors.

The conclusion: He liked anything bitter such as coffee and Brussels sprouts.
Ciaran was happy with the beer experiment. He said, “If you want to make a beer you’re going to love, you have to really mean it and go the extra mile – in this case, determine your genetically determined taste preferences first!

There are lots of people talking about the potential that genetic testing has on what we consume but I thought the best way to test some of the theories was to get on and brew something.

Double Helix was brewed to fit the specific taste preferences of one person – me.
However thanks to the investment in our Pilot Brewery and what it allows us to do in the name of innovation, it’s become a ‘successful experiment’ that others can enjoy as well.”

They have different kinds of beers:

1. Bitter one: Double Helix

2. Fruity beer

3. Full-bodied flavor beer

After the successful testing of beer batch, this concept is being followed in Meantime Brewery, London for a limited period of time.