Nurse Caught Dad Filling False Information For Baby’s Birth Certificate

The dad had mentioned on a famous social media platform that after his baby was born, he was required to fill a form wherein he was asked to add necessary information, until he was supposed to mention time and date of birth of his own child. That was exactly the point where he’d wondered that did his son really need to be born in such disastrous hellscape of year.

Therefore, instead of adding December 31, 2020/11:05 he’d decided on adding it as January 1st, 2021/12:05. Though the nurse wondered and tried stopping the new dad. The nurse mentioned that he’d filled false information and wanted him to refill the blanks with exact time and date. The dad considered it being unfair with his son to be tainted with 2020 when he actually had lived in 2020 for not more than an hour.

The nurse had told the dad that what he’d been trying to do was forgery. He tried explaining to the nurse that he was his dad and that he’d take responsibility for anything that happens later. The nurse had disagreed on accepting the form as it contained false information. The dad had recalled that she’d involved more people like pediatrician who’d disrespected him by raising his voice.

Ultimately, the hospital had to take the form from him and didn’t let him fill the same. The wife told him he had embarrassed her and when their family had heard about what had happened, they’d agreed that he was being a dummy. It was his brother alone who’d agreed with him and he’d said that it was ridiculous for them to focus on a specific time and that his son was also born in 2021 because then he’d have the whole year to live but only one hour of 2020.

The dad also had mentioned on social media that he hates 2020 particularly because he’d lost his father and close friend in that year. Most people accepted the fact that this dad had been off his rocker. A commenter had mentioned somewhere on social media that the dad didn’t realize that his child won’t remember 2020. Another person tried mentioning that this man had tried to commit suicide that could jeopardize his son’s ability to get into a social security number.

Some also had commented and had said that, few hour differences, 1 day mistake, daylight saving time mistakes, all such stuff happens when you fill such forms. Another one had commented and said that he’d disagreed with nurse very much. Instead of following the protocols, she could’ve offered him a talk and then could’ve proposed the re signature.

It can be concluded by the fact that it was quite understandable for the parents not wanting their baby to be blemished by 2020 awfulness .It was better to take their baby’s 2020 birth in stride.