Nursery Berates Mother For Sending Unhealthy Lunchbox But People Fail To Spot The Problem

An Australian mother tore into her son’s nursery after they told her that the lunchboxes that she packed for her son broke rules as they were “too unhealthy.” The furious mother turned to a social media group for lunchbox ideas to vent her annoyance and consider opinions and advice of other parents on the situation. She explained how the nursery notified her about the food in her son’s lunchbox as unacceptable. She also mentioned how the staff of the nursery had never mentioned any guidelines regarding the food they considered unhealthy.


She also uploaded a picture of her son’s lunchbox. A green colored solid tiffin could be seen in the picture containing crackers, cheese, fresh fruits, carrot, broccoli, pepper and rice. The people on social media failed to find any problem with the lunch. However, the nursery’s actual demurring was towards the rice crackers that the mother had trickled in a thin line of chocolate.

She asked people on her social media if they’ve ever been in opposition to a nursery for being too persnickety about what they could send in their child’s lunchbox and what not. She mentioned how the entire issue revolved around the rice cakes because they were drizzled in chocolate. She told people how she made them herself and used 70 percent dark chocolate for the drizzling. She was so annoyed at them because they didn’t mention any particular policies regarding the lunchbox but only that the parents are required to send a healthy lunchbox.

The social media group with 150,000 members was also perplexed as the lunchbox looked “very healthy” in their opinion too. They were stunned by the fact that the nursery would arraign this mother for using such a small amount of chocolate. One member commented how the nursery shouldn’t tell you what to send in your child’s lunchbox and what not to.

They further wrote how the nursery’s staff could guide you about it but that the final decision and choice has to be that of the parents. Some others wrote in this mother’s defense saying that the lunchbox looked amazing to them and that it’s insane on the nursery’s part because the lunchbox looked so healthy to them.