Oklahoma Woman Charged With Felony For Not Returning VHS Tape In 20 Years

When the two words of felony embezzlement are attached to one’s name, it just makes their existence difficult. The reason might be as big as a hill and as small as an ant but when these two words are said together for a person, they change the perspective about the person. A woman named Caron McBride was shocked to see the words of felony embezzlement attached to her name. Online documents addressed her as a wanted woman for not returning a VHS tape in 1999.

After getting married in Texas, McBride was trying to change her name on her license. Due to the pandemic she had to make a prior appointment. She sent them an email for it. McBride received an email back that her request could not be taken forward since she had some issues in Oklahoma. A contact number for reference was also attached. Caron called to enquire about it. The number was of Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office.

Caron was left astounded to hear, when a woman from the office told her that she was charged over a VHS tape of ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ she borrowed 21 years ago. McBride could not believe what she had heard and even asked the woman to repeat it for her. It was very shocking for her as she didn’t even remember any such thing. The online documents showed she was accused of felony embezzlement of rented property in March, 2000.

McBride recalls that she lived with a young man more than 20 years ago. The man had 2 daughters aged between 8-11 years. It might be possible that the man got it and never returned it or something. The show ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ is not of her taste of shows and she has never watched it. It’s startling how she has been charged with felony for its VHS tape. On further investigation it came out that the movie was rented at ‘Movie Place’ in Norman. However, The Cleveland County records show that the business was closed down in 2008.

FOX25 in its research was told by Ed Blau from Blau Law Firm that in the case technically there is no victim. The closure of business leads to no concrete case now. On the other hand, it is still possible to prosecute the case since warrant was filed already. It was on Cleveland County to take it forward or not. For McBride it is still unbelievable as she has not deceived anyone over a small VHS tape of Samantha (Sabrina) the Teenage Witch. Caron could swear that the claims were false.

McBride was rejected from many jobs in the last 20 years. A good reason was never given for the same. Now when she gets to know about the felony embezzlement, she realizes the reason for rejection. A criminal record on her name with these two words deprived her from so many opportunities. FOX25 went to Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office to see what could be done about the case. The DA’s office reviewed McBride’s case and decided to dismiss it. Ed Blau told that the case needs to be expunged and to delete it off her records.